Gallery: Escaping the Old Earth Matrix

Escaping The Old Earth Matrix (Text&Video)

April 18, 2021 by Suzanne Maresca

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by Brian Scott, April 16, 2021

We exist in a matrix much like the popular Hollywood movie. This is a matrix of reality, it has been used to lock us into the a set reality.

Here I discuss how to escape this matrix and enter the New Earth.

The list of Western myths that have swallowed our consciousness and power is endless. It dates back thousands of years to the point that we hardly know the truth anymore. The saints and spiritual teachers have told us how incorrect our history is as they tried to awaken us. This is how we lost ourselves.

Who are we really? Where did we originate? What are our true historical stories? What powers might we have that have been withheld from us? Many mysteries still remain. So, more than ever, it’s time to return to the truth, because that is where our power lies. They’ve held us hostage in the maya (illusion) long enough.

We’ve reached the tipping point of delusion, lies and corruption. It can only tip towards the truth now or we’re lost. But when a culture becomes inured in the lie, it’s very difficult for it to grow beyond the decay and disease that develops when a lie takes over a culture. That is when the sages, mystics, visionaries, healers and shamans are most needed. To bring us back to the truth, to our center, to our wholeness…. yes… we need our Western shamans.

William Casey’s infamous statement that “When everything Americans believe is false, we’ll know we’ve accomplished our goal.” And what goal is that? The total stealth of your power, soul and Dharmic path so your life is not your own and you have no idea who you are as you walk to your programmed death.

This outrageous statement is the reality of where we are at today….led by people who believe there is something to gained by this demented viewpoint. How did we get to this point? By persistent, consistent disinformation, deception, repetitive trauma, illusion, black magic and sustained mind-control.

There is much illusion around us, causing us to be separate from one another. Yet, we all live under the same God and walk upon the same Mother Earth. We all have beating hearts that flow with red blood and are all part of the same ecosystem and energy matrix of Earth together.

Somewhere along the way, we became split in our consciousness. It’s time to heal the split they’ve created and exit the false matrix. As you heal this manufactured split in your consciousness, you will naturally begin to love yourself. This will begin to generate love for Humanity within you, and you will naturally gravitate towards harmony and oneness with your fellow brothers and sisters on Earth.


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