Gallery: No, I won’t be taking the vaccine

No, I Won’t be Taking the Vaccine

April 7, 2021 by Steve Beckow

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I’ve been asked if I’ll be getting the vaccine.

No, I won’t.

My reasons for not doing so are best expressed by Matthew Ward, below. (1) No one gives a clearer description of what it was intended to do or how it was intended to operate than he has, so far.

Even though I’m convinced the galactics have reduced the impact of the vaccine and erased its programming, it’s clear to me, after reflection on all I’ve read and seen, that the vaccine was intended as a bioweapon of mass destruction.

I will not allow into my body a supposed vaccine which was really intended to control and destroy me and the rest of the world.

If forced to receive it, I won’t violently resist. I’ve had a good life. Let my death be my protest.

The fact that the vaccine won’t be successful is no reason for me to take it. The only way I can contribute to the gathering of collective forces and consciousness that’s opposing the cabal’s plan to dominate the world is to refuse to take the vaccine.


(1)  Matthew Ward: The society has been conditioned to believe vaccines prevent diseases. They don’t—what they do is introduce diseases into individuals with weakened immunity, damage bodies’ healing mechanisms, and cause autism-like symptoms in young children. Nevertheless, time and time again medical “experts” say Get him/her/yourself vaccinated!

Thus, solutions containing the virus that was laboratory-designed to cause the influenza called covid-19, nanochips programmed to track and control individuals, and foreign tissue that can change bodies’ DNA are claimed to be vaccines.

Medical establishment members who are urging everyone to get vaccinated don’t mention it actually is an experimental gene therapy with potentially dire effects, that won’t be apparent for a year or two or more, and manufacturers bear no liability whatsoever for death or other harmful reactions.

Crystalline cells don’t interact with incompatible substances, and they leave via bodies’ elimination systems. However, even though scientists in extraterrestrial special forces reduced potency of the virus and decreased viability of the genetic material, bodies with weakened immunity and/or carbon cellular structure have much less ability to resist foreign substances. That is why some persons die after being inoculated and others develop serious health issues or their existing conditions worsen.

Those scientists also erased the chips’ programming, but it isn’t the chips that cause death and medical problems. They are in the solution for a different sinister reason and the rapid rollout of 5G is part of it. By intent, the devices’ emissions damage bodies’ electrical systems, but it is the technology itself that is of more importance to those who conceived the idea to inject bodies with programmed nanochips.

Not only can they transmit to a designated source individuals’ location, communication, purchases—almost nothing one does can be withheld—but they can send signals to the brain to perform whatever task is specified. We hasten to assure you none of that ever will come to pass because the programming was eliminated. The scientists also reduced 5G’s emissions’ impact on bodies.

The purpose of the virus itself and the substances in the solution is two-fold: decrease the population by billions and technologically control survivors and subsequent generations. The diabolical minds behind this crime against humanity failed to achieve the intended death toll, and they will fail in the other goal, too. (Matthew’s Message, April 2, 2021, at


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