Gallery: Making the Quantum Leap – Literally!

Making the Quantum Leap … Literally!

April 3, 2021 by Tiara Kumara

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“My best advice is to forget most everything you have learned up to this moment. Forget even how you arrived to this moment. It doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that you are here now in this new moment and you are upgrading tremendously. You are moving into a quantum reality… a timeless, multidimensional, synchronous, simultaneous, unified field of infinite potential.”



This month, we are sharing practical “how to’s” for applying quantum principles to your acts of creative thinking.

Of course, this is not new information. Most of you have heard a lot of this before… at least the ideas of, “You are what you think. Reality is a state of mind. State of mind is your reality.” We now understand what this means and have accomplished so much in shifting our belief system.

What is different this time around is that we are now embodying the higher principles as walking talking quantum creators. We are quantum creators with a purpose to assist humanity and outer world challenges. This refers to quantum thinking, quantum creating, and quantum manifesting as one with the universal creation field.

The quantum blueprint is our new foundation. The more that we can migrate to this new system of thought, the more balanced and empowered we will be. Our initiation now is to master the ability and from conscious awareness. We are upshifting our lives into the quantum realm of infinite potential.

You probably are already doing this intermittently, just not realizing it. It’s time to fully acknowledge what we are doing in order to bring greater skill in the quality of our manifest creations. This is even to the level of purely ‘willing’ manifestations into existence.

The level of consciousness required to quantum create is not solely a by-product of the human thought process. It’s the pervasive universal creative force that is acting through us and all around us. This is conscious intelligence that already exists without our participation. It’s the pure essence interweaving in all realities and what brings that interconnectedness to all life.

Most of us create unconsciously. We go about our daily business on autopilot while habitually defaulting to the programmed response. This is what can attract unwanted experiences or what may keep us in a stagnated status quo.

When we think in quantum terms, we are tapping into the source where all creativity originates. The Quantum Field is like a big alchemical soup of energy potential. Anything can come together to formulate the desired manifestation, even things that are seemingly unrelated.

We are not limited by our current set of circumstances. We just have to think differently to bring forth another new experience of reality. Our thoughts are powerful tools of creation. We literally decide what will manifest out of the Quantum Field without putting limitations on that intention based upon past or current circumstances.

In the Quantum Field, there is no past or future, no sooner or later. There is only the eternal now, oneness, and is-ness. These are the new principles of creation. The key to quantum creating is to always be in harmony with divine principle.

Many of these principles are shared in this blueprinting focus.

If you would like to go deeper with this… join us this month in Avatar Blueprinting!Blueprinting Registration
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With love and blessings,

Tiara Kumara


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