Gallery: The Separation of Personal Worlds

The Separation of Personal Worlds

April 1, 2021 by Suzanne Maresca

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This morning has left me feeling disgruntled after a phone text interaction with a member of my family of origin, who, by the way, does not read what I write or even know much about what I do.

I’ve let go of how my family sees me (or doesn’t) in therapy long ago, but the irritation today revolves around our conversation about his choice to take the covid vaccine.  My question was simple:  Do you know which manufacturer’s vaccine you got?

Rather than answer the question, I was told that I was playing cat and mouse with him and being indirect about my hidden agenda.  The word wasn’t used, but a suggestion of arrogance was thrown in as well…in his mind he quoted me, “That’s because I’ve become an expert and know for a fact the vaccines will have these ??? effects.”

Sigh…I just wanted to know what I might expect from someone that it’s highly likely I’ll be seeing again.  I suggested that he visit America’s Frontline Doctors website for all the info he would need.  They’ll do a consult and send the very effective protocol, including Hydroxychloroquine, in two days for ninety bucks for anyone who does become infected.  That proven protocol has rendered the vaccines (even if they did guard against infection and transmission) literally moot.

It just feels like those I know who’ve chosen to take the jab don’t actually want to hear anything that would bring them to question their decision.  Even sticking a toe in that water can bring back a tidal wave of fear in the form of anger.

It’s another fine opportunity to practice non-attachment.  A dear friend of mine has also chosen to take the shots.  With both of these people that I’ve been close to, it’s actually started a personal separation.

Dare I say that it’s a frequency thing, and the larger the gap grows, the more uncomfortable will be the interactions.  Relationships will evolve organically and in Divine Order…but the process may not be so easy in the letting go.

Is this what the bifurcation of worlds looks like?  I don’t care to live in the same place with the fearful and obedient, and I need to get over what sadness I might have over other people’s choices.

If it’s true that the White Hats, in conjunction with our Galactic friends, have successfully mitigated the intended much more deadly effect of covid, then they absolutely can also do that for vaccines, yes?

If that’s also true, then presumably, people having reactions and dying would be having those experiences by agreement.  And that, in order to wake people up?  In this world, I’m starting to see that All Things are possible.

It reminds me of Tut’s ‘Notes from the Universe’ message (1) that actually came via email today…coincidence?

That’s right, Suzanne. This is a dream.

You’re still asleep. Any minute now, an elephant might appear behind you wearing a pink tutu and tennis shoes. Or maybe the phone will ring, and it’ll be Abraham Lincoln to ask why you’re late for the ball. Or perhaps Oprah Winfrey is down the hall, live audience in tow, about to introduce you as her new favorite author. Suzanne, anything can happen in a dream, anything, without regard to the past, without regard to logic, and you never have to figure out the “hows.”

Suzanne, learn from your dreams, because the stuff of time and space is no different. Forget your past. Pitch the logic. And drop the cursed hows.

The Universe

So…anything can happen without regard to the past or to logic, hmm?  No need to contemplate the hows?  We’ve already been crafting what we want this world to be.  Maybe it’s time to hold space for the exquisite beauty of what we’ve created to become our reality, making ourselves available for that most excellent unfolding.  The work may actually be done but for the keeping of our personal vibe at a high level, and maintaining the view from altitude.

Here’s an interesting message I was given the other day.  Maybe it’ll ring true for you and maybe not…all good, either way.

The whole Earth experience has been a simulation…a super complex computer program.  We never were truly in any danger, and (as we’ve been told many times), we’re here to learn and to expand in consciousness.  Great!  I love that!  Who doesn’t love to learn and grow?

And as I’ve been saying for years but what’s now become an absolute truth for me ~ It isn’t what’s put before us that matters, possibly at all.  That’s as variable as the myriad incarnations we’ve had here.  The vital one-and-only thing that matters now is what we choose to do with our experiences.  Our every thought and intention is entered in the Akash and is monitored to see what we’re ready for and what we aren’t.

Have we processed our wounding to the point that the things that used to trigger us have been deactivated and neutralized?  It might not be clear that we’ve done so until a situation arises that would have previously sent our emotions into a swirling maelstrom…but that we now actually don’t feel any charge about at all, no trigger.  No active button to push remains.

Who really is in control now?  As JC Kay pointed out in her recent, fascinating videos, (here, and here) the core structure of the matrix program no longer exists.  It’s the Human Collective that’s keeping it going.

As long as we’re aware that we’re being fed information that serves someone’s agenda, be it dark or light, we can make informed choices about what feels right in our bones.  It’s up to each of us what stories we subscribe to, and even so, fluidity about what we believe to be so is highly recommended.

There’s so much we don’t know about what’s going on that it becomes a practice of self-care to step back and be an observer.  We delve into what news sources we feel have integrity only as far as makes sense to do, and we let the rest go.

Maybe we let it all go…

It’s actually out of our hands now but for what we choose to do with our own energy and resources.  In that way, we’re the ones in control.  It may not feel that way right now, but what if We, of the awake population, are fueling the Ascension for everyone?  That’s a power to take seriously.

If people that we Love end up falling away in the process, there will be others that show up and step in that are more of an energetic match for us.  We’re magnetizing one another into our communities even now.

It’s already happening.  I’ll just offer up a resounding affirmative and, “Yes, please!” to the shift and to the rising up of All who wish to come along.

Footnote ~ Mike Dooley’s Notes from the Universe newsletter


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