Gallery: Magenta Pixie: The New Plasma Immunity and the Black Flame


Magenta Pixie and the Nine ~ Spring Equinox 2021

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Maxine’s Massage with Tea Tree Oil ~ Twin Flame Union ~ Ascension Catalyst ~ Equinox 2021

I couldn’t post this video without offering notes of interpretation. The Nine are extra-cryptic in this message and as always, it’s a packet plump with information.

Synopsis from the Nine ~

“Much occurs upon your planet that is an equal and opposite mirrored reaction to the geometric pre-matter templates and galactic field movements at this time. We speak here of discovering integrity and the placement of boundaries. Using tea tree oil during massage, twin flame restructuring within relationships, calling to alignment with inner sovereignty as code into fifth dimensional Gaia and stargate ascension.”

And my decode/notes ~

They can’t answer the question of why the President would tell everyone that vaccines are safe and to go get one for the following three reasons ~

  1. As an individual, he’s been shielded to prevent intrusions of privacy from the 3rd and 4th dimensions. There is no privacy intrusion from the 5th dimension because privacy is naturally respected. His privacy is being protected because of multiple operations in progress.
  2. Personal sovereignty within the aware collective of Humanity.
  3. The balance of Savior Programs within Humanity at large.
  • The Nine are saying that Trump is a brilliant businessman but when it comes to matters of Human health, he has no personal expertise and listens to his advisors.

Editor’s note ~ Wormtongue of The Fellowship of the Ring comes to mind . He was advisor to King Theodon and a mole for the evil wizard, Saruman in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

  • If the body can find alignment with the new immunity codes, thought processes will not be affected by the coding within the vaccines.
  • Personal sovereignty is the movement taking place on the planet at this time.
  • Everyone must decide for themselves what the symbology, ramifications and consequences of taking the vaccine are and will be for them.
  • Discernment, psychic awareness, knowing and integration of all of this holds the code for personal sovereignty, the creation of a multi-dimensional paradigm and ascension itself.
  • The balance of Savior Programs within Humanity presents the opportunity for those who have made the choice to ascend to move into self-realization and unity within the microcosm and the macrocosm…i.e. clinging to the Savior Programs keeps us from our ascension.
  • The choice of one person can cause a shift in timelines, specifically the choice of DJT in recommending that we all take the jab.
  • There is no savior save for the self. There’s no need to place anyone on a pedestal.
  • It’s the playout of the Christed story that the one would be raised up collectively and then to fall in the eyes of the worshipers.
  • The Nine seem to be saying that the story unfolding in this way has been an activation for us that will reflect in every aspect of our lives.
  • The Nine speak of twin flame and other partnerships that may be shifting as a result of these activations. Those who’ve found the twin flame union within themselves will move into  relationship with their other selves quickly and in a positive manner. Others will be shocked and react negatively to the realization of long held patterns between themselves and their partners.
  • The vaccine is a global catalyst, touching the majority on Earth.
  • Hijacking is neither allowed or disallowed, but is also a catalyst.
  • Catalysts serve to bring those late to the table in their spiritual awakening further along towards ascension.
  • These catalysts are still atrocities and crimes against Humanity, and they’ll lead to the collapse of the old structures as the new legal system of Light is established in the New Earth.
  • Hijacking only takes place in the 3rd and lower 4th dimensional realities. Those in 5D are immune from hijacking.
  • Now at this Equinox is the time when the 5th dimensional immunity is made manifest through alchemical unification.
  • With so many perceived to be rushing to get the vaccine, people ask if only a few will be ascending. The Nine say that the most probable timeline for our reality is that the majority do not connect with the vaccine. They’re suggesting that there are far fewer taking the vaccine than media is reporting.
  • The Sacred masculine consort is being drawn to the goddess frequencies. As the negatively polarized ones attempt to curtail and sever that connection, the aware starseed collective flies ever higher, as we hold the antidote in our hearts.
  • The catalysts (vaccine and hijacking) end up triggering that which they hoped would be prevented…Ascension Earth and the full royal crowning of Humanity grounded into the third dimension.
  • This Equinox point is truly our time. The Light has never shone brighter for those who see photonic Light.
  • The story that is Freedom Earth has just begun.

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