Gallery: Frequency splits into Timelines, Timelines are Splitting apart

Frequency Splits into Timelines; Timelines are Splitting Apart

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I’m producing a book on the fate of the dark, which will be published in parts.

Can you explain timelines to me please?

Ivo: Everything is energy and frequency. There is no other law. Everything in consciousness vibrates and that is because it is alive. Everything has a measurable frequency. This frequency can be changed in the human and other species of life because that is the nature of life: learning and evolving. (1)

Ivo: Frequency will always split into timelines. Disparate frequencies cannot co-exist. They will always split out. More and more realities will emerge from this point in time, thankfully more positive ones than negative. (2)

Ivo: The timelines are splitting out and they are qualified in terms of truth versus lies. You get to choose which you wish to invest your energy in. In other words you are voting now, but with your energy. And you are investing in the future you wish your children to have. (3)

Ivo: The timelines are splitting apart and will continue to do so according to the frequency of members of the collective. Similar frequencies will collect in new timelines. It is important what you believe and who you allow to influence you now, very important. (4)

How do timelines enter the picture?

St. Germain: There are many timelines that will take you out of this cycle, and you are creating them all of the time. (5)

Ashtar: There are those amongst you who have decided not to take part in this jump. They have chosen an alternative journey and a different timeline to follow. Honour their free will and their decision. (6)

Diane of Sirius: Everyone stands at the crossroads of evolution and either you choose to go forward and move to a new timeline or remain in your present dimension.

You cannot fail to be touched by the higher energies, but if you cannot assimilate them into your being you will eventually leave the new Earth that is emerging. (7)

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: It would not be in the interests of those whose vibrations have not been lifted to try and find a place in Ascension as, even if they could somehow do so, it would be a very uncomfortable experience. Their timeline will continue to progress in a new cycle in another direction that will eventually offer them a further opportunity to achieve Ascension. A soul’s evolution is ongoing and planned to eventually ensure success. (8)

What determines our experience on the different timelines?

Divine Mother: Although multiple timelines do exist and intermingle, it is still up to the collective of the timeline in which you find your major focus that will determine what you experience. We encourage you to leave the structures of the old energy to fall into decay on their own. Placing your focus upon them or resisting them in any way gives these structures power, at least for a short time. Focus instead on your own inner journey.  (9)

Will people on different timelines disappear from each other?

It will not happen on… any … date that you will be standing beside two others and before your very eyes, they will disappear into their own “timelines.” (10)

What can we expect from the timelines of the future after the separation has occurred?

Archangel Michael: The timelines of the future lead to higher, more stable ground, away from the broad spectrum of duality and the illusion of separation. (11)


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