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If Wisdom Prevails

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One foot in, one foot out. Credit:

Variations on the phrase “feeling good” receive different receptions.

A “feel good” movie is one that sets out to elevate our feelings, but there’s the added implication that it has no other redeeming feature.  The words “superficial” and “feel good” often go together.

“Feeling good” is often viewed as a way of closing down further discussion. We almost expect “on my way” after it.

But I’ve said in the past that I regard feeling good as the underlying aim of almost everything I can think of that we do.  We can be evil and feel good watching people suffer.

In past times, having the desire to feel good would have been seen as obvious, not needing mentioning, not a very elevated desire, hedonism, commonplace, etc.

However some sources have recognized it as important, even an “inalienable right” – to enjoy “the pursuit of happiness.”

It’s more ultimate than any consideration regarding the body. Why? Because the body will drop away but our inner experience goes with us.

Well, it used to be that way. Not with this Ascension.

Even feelings will eventually calm down and remain quiescent. The divine states like love, bliss, joy will have taken over and flooded the house. And the landscape. And the sky.

All will be swept away, along with every other vestige of lower dimensionality, when we’re immersed in Mother (or Maré’s) Ocean of Love. (1)

I’ve been feeling lighter this past month and not knowing what to do with it or how to behave in public.  I only hope that others are feeling it too.

I’m also feeling a lot of scraping and grinding as new social situations come my way and the behavior patterns of the Troll surface automatically in response. I feel embarrassed in this new emotional environment I’m in. My rough edges are showing.

In the old days, we’d say my real character or true colors are showing through. No. My vasanas are not my real character.  They’re actually surface-level.  My real character is innocent and pure, as I know.

I can’t look to my behavior patterns to guide me any more. They’ve proven unreliable guides at best.

As was said in a reading recently, I have one foot in the Third Dimension and one foot in the Fifth, as do we all I’m sure.

Perhaps when the dissonance reaches a point I can’t stand, I’ll be moved to withdraw the foot from the lower dimension. Or sooner if wisdom prevails.


(1) Maré = Ocean in Latin.


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