Gallery: Those Unwilling to Let Go of their Cherished Beliefs, May Coose to Leave



Those Unwilling to Let Go of Their Cherished Beliefs may Choose to Leave

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I’m producing a book on the fate of the dark, which will be published in parts.

What will happen to people who  find their religious and scientific views are disputed or discredited?

Matthew Ward: Many whose religious or scientific beliefs are the foundation of their lives will choose to depart rather than accept the forthcoming truths that differ profoundly from what they were taught.

People whose wealth came under the old systems may be so fearful of losing everything when the global economy collapses that they will leave before they could know that new systems will function smoothly and fairly under knowledgeable managers with moral and spiritual integrity. (1)

Matthew: Individuals whose rigid beliefs are founded on false religious dogma and flawed science will be the most resistant – their beliefs are the very foundation of their lives or their livelihoods. And when the facts about “9/11” and the reasons for wars in Afghanistan and Iran – ALL wars! – are revealed, families and friends of all who died may be disbelievers because knowing why their loved ones died could be overwhelming. All of these people need compassion and understanding – they will be able to accept the truth after they transition to Nirvana.

Please do not feel sad if persons dearest to you are among the non-receptive. Spiritual evolvement comes at a pace that is as unique as each soul itself is – when the time is right for your beloved people to have conscious awareness of universal knowledge and grow spiritually, they will. (2)

Matthew: When the truth about religious dogmas emerges, many will choose at soul level to leave; later they will embody in a third-density world where their beliefs can remain intact until once again the truth emerges about religions’ false teachings, and they will have another opportunity to open their minds and accept that truth. (3)

Matthew: The majority of people who will leave are the devoutly religious whose very lives would be meaningless without their beliefs; their bodies will die at various times, depending on each one’s ability to deal with formidable mental and emotional stress after the truths about religions emerge. Once in Nirvana, all those dear souls will be aware of the truths, and will choose to consciously remember them in their next incarnation. (4)

Matthew: A large number of people who have lived in godly ways will choose not to ascend with Earth after the truth about the origin of religions emerges: They were designed in darkness to deceive and control the peoples, by the most divisive element of life on Earth, and reap wealth for the heads of churches. Although everyone on Earth knows that truth at soul level and it is a contract choice to consciously remember it, many of the devoutly religious will be unable or unwilling to accept that their deep-seated faith is founded on false teachings.

By so doing, these individuals deny the light within truth, that they are god and goddess selves, eternally inseparable from God and all other souls in this universe. Their next pre-birth contract will again include the provision to become consciously aware of that truth during their next physical lifetime, which will be in a third density world. (5)

What about those who are reluctant to release the familiar?

Many souls are reluctant to release that which is familiar to them and if that is their choice it will be upheld. It means however that they cannot continue to remain on Earth as the vibrations lift up. So they will at a suitable time move to another “Earth” where they can continue their chosen experiences.

They would not in fact feel at home in levels that were too high for their comfort or desire to continue experiencing the lower dimensions. Be assured that they would still be given every help to assist them to evolve at the speed that suited them. You are never alone in your desire to evolve and help is but a call away. (6)

SaLuSa: As we have said there are many paths to Ascension, but also some that simply take souls on a continuing journey in this present dimension as they have no desire to do otherwise. Leave them to follow their chosen path, as it will provide exactly what they need to progress. It is no one else’s place to convince them otherwise, but be assured that they cannot have been on Earth without learning many useful lessons. These will serve them well at some future time, and if they are souls that you relate to now, you may wish to stay linked with them as a Guide. (7)

Atmos: Some souls … as much as you may place the benefits in front of them, there is a reluctance to move out of the reality they are used to. (8)


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