Gallery: Magenta Pixie and the Nine: Phase-locked DNA into the Trification of 2031



Magenta Pixie and the Nine ~ Phase-Locked DNA into the Trifurcation of 2031 (Reposted)

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Steve: I’m going to make this sticky over the weekend because (1) it explains the matter of whether or not there are two Earths being created, (2) it ties in so well with Sharon Stewart’s series on loosh that Sitara is posting, and (3) it ties in with the book on the time of separation that I’m posting.

In a nutshell: There are “different” planets dimensionally/vibrationally but not (in a Third-Dimensional sense) physically.

So, right now, there is a 3D, 4D, and 5D Earth, but not a second or alternate Earth on the Third Dimension. Moreover 3D people cannot see the higher-dimensional Earths but Fifth-dimensional folks can see all three.

The Nine come through in their usual way…requiring a relaxed and focused mind to take in what’s being spoken.

Reality expressions within the bifurcation and the ascension cycle are topics for discussion as the Nine respond, through their conduit Magenta Pixie, to questions regarding planetary splitting and quantum alternate selves. Questions regarding control structures knowingly triggering an awakening and the role of the vaccine from an Service to Self intention are responded to.



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