Gallery: Ivo of Vega: Loosh, Negative Entities

Ivo Of Vega: Loosh, Negative Entities – Part 2/4

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Folks, we’re going to be hearing a lot of truth in the weeks and months ahead, not only from the Alliance but also from the Company of Heaven. Here is Ivo talking about something that very few people discuss – the creation and consumption of Loosh.

by Sharon Stewart

Thankfully, galactic and universal forces have been intervening to reduce their existence and their influence on planet Terra. With this in mind, why do you think you have so many wars? Virile young men are sent to their deaths?

Ivo:  Those who require the loosh of fear, hatred and homesickness wait at the ready for these young men to die. Some attach to these men when their energy is low. When the energy is so fearful that these entities can lock on and continue to lower the frequency of that man.

Then what happens? I said that you are an energy exchange. You put out energy through your thoughts, but you also attract similar energy through your emotions. When that emotion is so fearful of dying, what do you think this man will attract? Someone to kill him, that is what he will attract.

The entities have a hey day when you are at war! They do not attach to the confident men and women. They attach to the ones who fear and who could not be fearful under such circumstances, especially since your world leaders,your Churchills, your Hitlers, and your generals such as MacArthur, Nimitz and Yamamoto are embodied demonics themselves, leading the human lambs to the slaughter.

Everything is done on your planet to keep the loosh flowing. These demonic beings are feeding off of your energy. And they want you to charge it negatively, with fear and with frustration, hatred, anger and shame, so they have created an environment for you to live in that exactly accomplishes that – and you have been fooled into thinking that this toxic world is the true environment of a human. War is the opposite of the normal human state of peace.

Look now as the globalist leader of the U.S. goes into action. How many wars will be started? Now Iran is after continuation of a nuclear agreement. Why do you think this is? To scare you all, to create loosh.

If you would all stop fearing, there would be no life for these demonics. None at all. They would die because you are their food source.

Then there is money. So many working for so little in a time of inflated prices. This creates lack. Lack is another facet of the global scheme to create loosh. Lack is the opposite of the normal human state of abundance.

There is sickness, the global viral pandemic. Now people will not walk past each other in the stores because they fear being less than six feet away from another person. This is a huge creator of loosh.

It is all deliberate. All of it. Loosh is what makes the world go around. Sickness is the opposite of the normal human state of health and balance.

Your way to leave this Matrix is to start vibrating at higher frequencies. This does not create loosh. However you will be attacked in order to lower your frequency. Do not fear. That is what they want from you.

Understand that no negative thought is natural for you. They are all implanted or manipulated into your consciousness through beings feeding from your energy.

Those of you who wake up screaming at night time, you are being attacked in the astral plane to lower your frequency. These parasites are becoming desperate now because they realize their end is near.

There is your news which is now called “Fear Porn,” which causes negative emotional reactions partially because you are seeing fearful events, and partially because they are lying to you. And your television shows, again, all lies or they are “dramas” which your adrenalin reacts to in fear. Have you noticed the increase in violent movies, scary movies and conflict movies in the last few decades? This is all to create loosh.

There is the polluted state of the air that you breathe, the water you drink and the garbage upon the land. This is their preferred way of life, this level of corruption. However they know that you will not thrive in such an atmosphere, which will keep you producing loosh, so they continue to force you to create it.

Extraterrestrials do not live on unhealthy planets. The planets are in balance and so are the ETs upon it. And we do not create loosh.

We see politicians inciting anger in their listeners by saying that other politicians should be punched, and praising the rioters who have pillaged many of your cities. This is all to create loosh. Love of the negative is thinly disguised hatred.

This is the world stage we are speaking of. Now let us go into the individual arena of interaction.


Ivo: How is loosh created within interpersonal interaction?

How many children have been abused? How many women have been raped? How many men have worked and struggled at their jobs? How many relationships are truly monogamous?

How many people have had failing grades at school? Have they ever considered allowing everyone to pass and then letting the children pick the courses they excel at instead of failing them in certain subjects but expecting them to continue to learn? No?

It is the nature of duality that positive and negative co-exist. And you all have the free will to choose which polarity you wish to ascend through, bearing in mind that negativity can only rise to the sixth dimension.

However your planet has been overtaken by beings who needed a fuel source. And they have created a system for all of you that keeps you trapped in lower vibrational frequencies and makes use of your electromagnetic abilities. They have done this so that they could live, but you are only existing and you do not even realize it.

They have limited your power by lying to you and keeping you from knowing the truth.

As Sharon has mentioned, her family was a microcosm of the macrocosm of the Matrix. In her interpersonal relationships, Matrix values of disempowerment, power over others, greed, selfishness, lying, wrath, envy, pride, irresponsibility, blaming, control, manipulation, attacking, aggression and more, were acted out between the members of her family. And this goes on all across this world.

How do you react when somebody yells at you? You become angry, most likely. Also, as we have told you, the conditioned responses that you experience to stimulus such as this are only learned responses and can be unlearned. Why should they be unlearned? Because a response of a higher frequency would not create loosh!

A response of higher frequency would unleash you from the Matrix system of control – that is why!

When you see a car accident across the street, how do you react? You are shocked and feel badly for the persons. You may feel pity, which is also a low frequency reaction which creates loosh. Yes.

When you are splitting up a relationship, what happens? You generally are experiencing many negative emotions: you are upset, indignant, feel betrayed, are perplexed, feel stunned, feel hatred… why do you think so many relationships break up at this lower frequency?

Because you are not at your normal frequency, as a matter of fact, well below it. And when a break-up is announced, it attracts the demonic entities who do their best to fuel the fire of hatred between the two parties, in order that they may have roast beef tonight instead of hamburger.

You are being manipulated. All the time. Daily. These are entities feeding off your emotions! Give them indigestion. Send all love, especially those you declare to be your enemies!

You are told death is to be a time of mourning. Why? The soul has been freed and is going on to new pursuits. Yes, you feel the loss of those left behind. How long will they be left behind for? If you were capable of it, you would understand that those who have died only have left their physical bodies behind.

They have not been annihilated, and if you were capable you would still be able to interact with them. Why do you think this has been kept from you? Why do you think that this trick has been played upon you? For the loosh, that is why.

When someone dies, pray that they rest in peace and release them with love. Love is your only freedom. Then do your shadow work, understanding that those who stay stuck in mourning for their lost loved ones are not doing the work. Moving on is possible.


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