Gallery: Brace Yourself for the Truth

Brace Yourself for the Truth

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Former Navy SEAL Michael Jaco interviews Gene Decode


This is not a video that folks who are concentrating on raising their vibrations should watch.

In the first part, Gene Decode reviews what actually has been happening in Washington, DC.

Lightworkers are going to have to steel themselves when the truth of the tunnels underlying Washington – and many other capitols – is revealed.

The buses and trucks seen going to the Capitol area recently were apparently not about arresting politicians, Gen Decode says in his video interview with former Navy SEAL Michael Jaco.

The buses, vans and trucks were there to rescue children (dead and alive) from tunnels under the White House.

The politicians were arrested some time ago to keep from having the people tear them apart when the information on what has been happening in the Capitol begins to be released.

Only recommended for those with a need to know.

Hit graphic to watch video


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