Gallery: Madness : Spiritually Speaking

Madness … Spiritually Speaking

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I want to continue with a contemplation I began earlier. (1)

You know, I really think that we have … well, what am I saying? Our sources have been telling us this … a mixed-up view of things. Like about what’s important in life?

I found myself looking outward for validation when suddenly I felt a little wave of bliss. I  lived in bliss in 2015-6. There’s nothing more enjoyable and satisfying.

I found myself at a choicepoint: Do I continue what I was doing outside or do I remain with the bliss inside?

And I saw that, on the odd occasion when I really, consciously am aware of a hint of bliss, I don’t go with it, but choose instead to remain with the outside world.

Over and over and over again, I’m making this inferior choice. And I’m making it because I’ve convinced myself that the world outside is the real world. It really isn’t.

I also do it because I want to avoid being ridiculed. I do it to ensure I can remain within the safety of the herd. I have many reasons.

But they all collude to have me choose again and again to abandon bliss for whatever is occurring in the outside world.

Madness, spiritually speaking.

But it does show how the two think oppositely: To the worldly person the world is real and to the spiritual person it’s illusion and vice versa.

Never mind the courage it’d take to go into battle.

It also takes courage to leave the pack and choose the road less taken.

I’m locked down, masked off, cut off from 90% of the diversions in life.  What better time to buck the social conditioning that says that only the outside world is real?


(1) “Mysticism can be Encapsulated in a Single Word,”


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