Gallery: A Plug for High Vibe And a Sweet Tweet to Boot

A Plug for High Vibe and a Sweet Tweet to Boot

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A Little Hopium to Keep the Faith…

High vibe is the way through, and we’re the ones bringing up the entire Human Collective. It’s both a great responsibility and an exquisite privilege that we take quite seriously. This is the moment we’ve prepared for through every incarnation, and our friends in the rafters know it isn’t easy to do what we’ve been doing.

Have we made our bodies and spirits as strong and healthy as we can manage? Have we done enough significant personal work so that we’re free of the tangled vines that come with acting out of integrity? As I write, I’m given the information that right now, all that’s required to ditch our wounding and programming is a sincere willingness to let it go.

That sounds easier said than done, because sometimes we identify with what our experience has been and we hold onto it because it’s familiar and in many ways comfortable. We truly are comfort-seeking creatures, and right now is prime-time for wanting to get out of Dodge and have a nice, tropical vacay. I know I do.

In any case, my understanding is that when we take a meaningful and dedicated step towards healing our wounded parts, a whole huge flood of assistance comes in from the unseen realms to do that. It’s that important from a frequency perspective for us to not only do that for our own personal release, but for every single one of us here now.

The connection we have to the other inhabitants of the planet is unmistakable. We need to understand and feel in our bones that by living our lives as though the world already is the way we dream it to be, we truly are serving to raise the whole of Humanity high enough to break free of the matrix.

That’s the way through. That’s what makes us untouchable. Our Light protects us.

And I’m including a tweet by Dan Scavino here, because it’s a nice tribute to the real President.



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