Gallery: White House Blackout, Police Cars, Buses at White House

White House Blackout 3-6 A.M., Police Cars, Buses at White House

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I expect to update this post as explanations arrive from the sources we consult.7

Please use your discretion. I don’t think it’s a hoax because the two videos corroborate each other, but I do not know. Please be responsible for reaching your own conclusions.

I’ve searched and searched and can find no other record of these events.

A very large number of vans, buses, and police cars have been recorded around the White House last night. “I think we are witnessing the rebirth of America,” the filmer says.



White House blackout 3-6 A.M., Police cars, buses at White House. Fireworks over the White House follow the completion of the operation (go to 1:10). Really foul language.


I’m not yet aware of the explanation.


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