Gallery: Trump hard to Love

Trump Hard to Love?

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A (78-year-old) reader was having trouble feeling good about President Trump, mentioned his groping, and asked for my thoughts.

The response probably is relevant to others as well and so I mentioned that I’d be posting it.

Consider the number of politicians who’ve been trapped by the deep state and blackmailed to support them.

If you do, you may see that the field of candidates to run for President of the United States, who had the cash to bankroll their own campaign and the courage to brave assassination attempts (1) was probably very small.

And the few that there were came to a consideration of the task carrying all the baggage they had to date – In this case, Trump’s groping, living the good life, speaking his mind, thumbing his nose at people he didn’t like, etc.

But he was the type of man who seemed to promise that he could do the job – fronting for the Alliance, dodging the bullets and impeachments, etc.

There’s nothing I can say to you that would make you feel better about the baggage and bad behavior Trump brought to the Presidency.  But he does sign the papers the Alliance puts in front of him and that’s his most important job.

I’m sure, if he knew his future, he wouldn’t have been so arrogant and harmful with his actions and words.  If any of us knew our future, we wouldn’t have done the silly and crazy things we did either.

But remember that the United States is under martial law (2) and that he’s the duly-elected President, whatever the deep state says.

Remember as well how necessary it was in the Second World War to get behind some commanders people didn’t like. In a situation like this, we have to face not having things the way we want and going with what we have. Legally, Trump is what we have.

By doing so, you’re not supporting Trump to grope more women. You’re supporting the brave men and women of Naval Intelligence, Delta Force, the Space Fleet, the Kraken, etc., behind Trump – the “200 Generals” – to bring down the deep state, once and for all.

No more assassinations of witnesses. No more siphoning off of disaster relief funds and income taxes. No more pandemics and lockdowns of the population, using bioweapons. How much bigger do deep-state actions have to get than a pandemic before we as a planet wake up?

We’ll only have one chance at this. If the deep state wins, we enter a new Ice Age. And the ones in charge will do far worse than what we’ve seen so far. (3)

This is not a time for me to be going by what I want and don’t want. It’s a time to reflect on and assess what the best course of action is to save the Republic from being taken over by people who don’t have its best interests at heart.

Thank you for allowing me to say that when you and I both know I’m not an American. Nevertheless I am an American at heart at this critical time – as are many in the world.


(1) And a family that was willing to share the risk with him.

(2) My understanding is that the United States has been under martial law since Sept. 11, 2001.  But more to the point is that the cabal and the Trump Administration are fighting it out under, on, and above the ground.

(3) Adrenochrome production, child trafficking, child sacrifices, defrauding the financial system, MK-Ultra, starting wars in countries whose oil and poppies we want, and the like.


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