Gallery: How is the Quantum Leap into 5D affecting you?

How is the Quantum Leap into 5D Affecting You?

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How is the Quantum Leap into 5D Affecting You?

January 24, 2021

I have always been aware that there would be some hard inner work we’d all have to do, a great purification of all 3D patterns we’d have to endure, losses we’d have to experience, and a period of great unknowing we’d probably need to live through.

And I’ve always expected a great deal of chaos both in the world and within many of us in making the monumental leap in consciousness. And yet, now that these times of unprecedented challenges seem to finally be here, even I am taken somewhat aback.

So many people seem to be dealing with a huge loss of some kind, such as their livelihood, their home, an important relationship or something else that has helped them to feel safe, loved and valued.Others are having to deal with unresolved traumas from the past, or grave misunderstandings with someone.

In the video below, I address these common challenges people seem to be facing in making this monumental dimensional shift and offer ways in which to deal with the natural emotions of fear, confusion, depression, anxiety and despair that are arising. If you are someone experiencing any of these emotions, I hope this will be helpful.

I also wish to say that, despite all the turmoil occurring in the world and within individuals, I retain a profound optimism and certainty that we are indeed still very much on the timeline into the Fifth Dimension.

It just may not look or feel like it at this point. We need to remember — it can be darkest just before dawn.


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