Gallery: Truth Prevails: Adapting to Censorship on a New Platform

Truth Prevails! Adapting to Censorship on a New Platform

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Steve: Go, Suzi!

I’ve been busy.  The censorship all over the internet is way out of control, but we came here to change things and shake up the old paradigm.  Quitting isn’t an option, so I’ve established my new page on Buy Me a Coffee.   I’m still learning how to navigate the site but it’s now functional, so please do join me (us, eventually) there.

I was up to 128 Patrons on the old site, and the reason they gave for removing all my work was that they don’t support the dangerous QAnon platform.  I was careful about my mentions, so I don’t reckon it was directly related to Q but rather the caliber of ‘over-the-target’ information I was posting.  You bet it’s dangerous, because without Q, we might not ever know about the repulsive things that have been done for a very long time to Humanity by Humanity (and others).

It’s time to end all that, and we’re in the midst of the Storm.

We had a lovely community on the old site, and I hope to build up to that again because it’s important for us to be informed.


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