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No Looking Back Then

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No looking back Cred:

Move and countermove is happening in the outside world. Now the President is impeached. And  tomorrow…?

Our only reliable channels of information on the political scene seem to be intel people and our own galactic and celestial sources. That’s what we have to draw on to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

If we want to. Ascension itself is enough of a puzzle. Disclosure is another. The Reval is a third. Choose your puzzle.

Imagine you’re looking at the marquee of Silver City Theaters. In Theater One is Ascension; Theater Two, Accountability; Theater Three, Disclosure. Theater Four, the Reval. Make your choice. Each in its own right warrants the description, “the greatest show on Earth.”


My enduring interest is in Ascension.

Keeping my hypothesis in mind that how we feel is what primarily motivates most people, I’ve had a few experiences of higher realms and that’s enough to motivate me to put “Ascension” right up there at the top of the list.

Accountability interests me as history in the making. Structures are being dismantled. Tectonic shifts are happening in a world about to buckle under the building pressure for freedom and equality.

The planet is a deconstruction zone at the moment, making way for the new before the flowers of freedom burst through the pavement.

One of the instruments for the rebuilding phase is the Reval, a series of abundance programs designed to redistribute income around the planet (not the usual definition).

It makes sense to me that the Reval would happen after the arrests thought to be happening during the ten days from Jan. 10-20, 2021 and before the “transition” on Jan. 20. (1)

Once that happens, life changes forever. The starter flag is given and everything I’ve worked on, every inch of confidence I’ve gained will be put to the test from that moment on.

There will truly be no looking back then for me – or you.


(1) I have to warn you that I’ve only been wrong in 100% of my predictions. As has everyone else.


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