Gallery: Steve Beckow: Memo Bumpy Ride Ahead

Memo: Bumpy Ride Ahead

Editor’s Note: I intend focussing on the Highest Possible Timeline for humanity, hence I intend not covering most of the atrocities which will be uncovered, I am aware they are horrific, but it is not my role to cover this. my role is to keep my vibration high and help others do so.
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Giacomond. This is not the actual truth, but it is the emotional truth – the way it feelsThis is not a drill.

This is not a drill.
This is the real thing.
And we have a part to play.

With the posting of the accompanying story, (1) we enter difficult waters. And I’ll keep comments open here to hear from you on your reaction to what our sources say lies ahead. (2)

[Sorry. Cannot make the “comments” function work. If you’d care to send your comments along through “Contact Us,” I welcome your feedback.]

Our sources have told us that things will get topsy-turvy from here for a while.  They certainly will be so from here until Jan. 20, by all accounts.

I imagine the expected disclosure of criminality will start with acts like corruption, but I expect it to go towards the end to subjects that are much harder to bear. These things are transpiring in our society.

We don’t want to or have to report it all, but some of it we do.

What does all this mean for us – you reading and us gathering the news?

What it means for us is that we face the difficult job of (A) discerning the truth and (B) needing to know what you can and cannot, want and don’t want to take in in terms of knowing the truth.

I wrote earlier:

I have seen some of the worst photos and videos I ever hope to see, at Xenia Retreat Center in 2018, and I assure you we won’t be posting evidence such as that. (3)

It took a fourth-chakra spiritual experience to bring me back from the horror I felt and the crushing impact it had on my view of human beings. (4)

My hand is trembling as I write this and, no, I won’t tell you what I saw. Even hearing that human beings could so such things would be enough to shock immensely. And it would be a memory you could not undo.

We’ll report as much of the truth as it requires to have us know what’s been happening on our planet, under it, and in outer space, perhaps with links to the next level of truth up … or, I suppose, down … the ladder. (5)

I’ve been under significant pressure not to post news but to have this be an Ascension-only site. One day it will be.

But the cognitive dissonance that builds in me when I try to follow that request now is more than I can bear. I’ll split apart or leave the blog if I don’t report, in an appropriate manner and with as much neutrality as I can muster, this attempt to take over the government and the world.

What it means for you as a reader is that you’ll need to exercise tremendous discernment in what you read and view and be responsible for your choice. We cannot unsee what we see. I know that to be true.

In the earlier article I said:

I will put “Accountability” in the upper-lefthand corner of articles that people concentrating on spirituality might want to skip.

Let that be my way of warning the spiritually-focused that this article is on Accountability and would not serve them to read.

In my view, lightworkers need to know what has happened and what is happening in terms of the fall of the cabal so that (A) no one can ever deny it as, for instance, people are denying the Holocaust, and (B) we never go there again.

This is not a finished work. I’m not a finished person.  But the work is before us regardless; the time is now; and the job must get done.


(1) “This Mission has been Scrubbed from the Highest Level,” Jan. 11, 2021, at

(2) But please don’t ask me to answer every one. Eeek! Thanks.

(3) As a former refugee adjudicator, I have seen a lot.

(4) Some context can be gotten from “Original Innocence,” Sept. 21, 2018, at

(5) I know our sources are telling us not to look back but until we exist in a higher dimension there continues to be a need for public protection. Ours is a very hard path to discern and walk.


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