Gallery: Three Spiritual perspectives on the current Mayhem



Three Spiritual Perspectives on the Current Mayhem

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For those who may have missed the original postings, here’s a review of three recent spiritual perspectives on what’s happening in our world right now and how to respond to it: The Divine Mother, Matthew Ward, and White Cloud through Blossom Goodchild.

“Linda Dillon: Universal Mother Mary’s New Year’s Message,” January 3, 2021, at

Yes, we can use the United States or even the western world as an example.… The divisions, the sense of self-righteousness, of entitlement, of judgment has deepened; the divide has deepened. And that is why I have flooded, we have flooded, each of you with massive attunements and opportunities, energies of which you have never known the likes of.

Previously your bodies could not hold this level of light, this level of love. But this sense that one is right, and one is wrong, that one is correct, and one is incorrect [must go?]…

I am bringing you, I am bringing this planet into the place of unity consciousness, into the place of Christ Consciousness, into the place of love, that you are the living, breathing embodiment of love and that cannot and will not include a sense of separation, of illusion. There is no space for it… not in my reality, and child, not in yours.

“Matthew’s Message via Suzy Ward, Jan. 2, 2021,” at

Everything that has happened since the end of 2012, when Earth left the last wisps of third density energy, has been the groundwork, you could say, for revelations to come forth this year.

If you could see your world from our vantage point, which offers views of what you think of as past, present and future, you would be astounded at the difference since Earth reached fourth density eight years ago.

What we see “back then” is light maintained in a few scattered areas, others have small pockets of blinking light, and large areas have only sporadic flickers. Since that time, light has been steadily growing throughout the planet as sparks keep shooting up like fireworks, and as we view Earth’s “near future,” she is positively aglow.

Now let us tell you about the moment at hand, as tumultuous activity in the energy field of potential is reflecting what is happening on the planet. Some publicly known developments and judicious actions behind the curtain of the world stage are heralding the end of an ages-old dark reign.

The darkness that was killing Earth less than a century ago is being completely replaced by light, the same powerful energy as love and, during your year 2021, you will see changes that have long been needed so the civilization can advance and flourish.

Change will not come without resistance, perhaps especially in the United States, where the Illuminati are certain to motivate those who are uninformed or misinformed to denounce developments as political partisanship. They are not. Action in the weeks and months ahead will end control by that secret society, which ensconced itself in the government soon after it was established by the nascent nation’s founders.

The highest universal council intended the newly united colonies to become a beacon of light for the rest of the world, a shining example of how people from different countries, religions and cultures can live harmoniously, respectfully and productively and build a great nation.

That was the opposite of what the Illuminati intended, and their minions set about to cause dissension, animosity, bigotry and social discrimination as immigrants kept arriving.

As years and decades passed, firmly entrenched in Washington, DC, the Illuminati not only controlled life in that country, they instigated or heavily influenced what happened elsewhere, from civil, international and world wars to funding despots, running the drug trade and ruining economies. That is being ended once and for all, and the provisions of G/NESARA will be acted upon to end deception, corruption, impoverishment and all other unjustness worldwide.

That task, which is no less than world transformation, won’t be accomplished in the blink of an eye. The Illuminati are a tenacious lot and will not bow out graciously or easily relinquish their ill-gotten fortunes to raise living standards for billions and to restore the environment.

However, ever-intensifying light is undergirding a powerful international force of military troops, individuals in governments and the private sector, and extraterrestrial special forces who are united in purpose: total destruction of the Illuminati empire.

For long ages, dark hearts and minds controlled the masses by keeping them ignorant of truths and dividing them into groups they conditioned to believe that other groups, whether of religious, cultural, social, political, racial or economic difference, are “less than.” Higher on the scale of deceit, they radically changed historical records and devised religious rules to enrich themselves and to control the peoples by separating everyone from God except, in Christianity, his only son, Jesus, and they also fabricated the falsehoods in the biblical version of his life.

The dawn of illumination on Earth’s near horizon has risen from the ashes of darkly-contrived ignorance and divisiveness. When clarity comes out of confusion and resolution out of resistance, the peoples can advance in spiritual and conscious awareness. Not everyone will choose to do that, and that is all right—each soul chooses its own growth pace.

But the majority of the civilization will begin an exciting journey of remembrance as consciousness taps into soul-level knowledge. They will remember that every person is a divine sovereign being, an immortal soul created by and of Creator’s unconditional love. They will remember their eternal connectedness with all other life forms on the planet and all other souls in this universe; that animals are souls, too, and they are helping humankind learn to live in harmony with all of Nature. The peoples will discover their ability to communicate telepathically and other abilities that will enable them co-create Earth’s Golden Age in fullness.

Beloved lightworkers, if your soul contract doesn’t include living in that Age, you will have a ringside seat wherever you are and can observe the panorama of that glorious era unfolding. You will know what your dedication and perseverance helped the peoples manifest and feel gratified that you were among the volunteers who were chosen to participate.

“White Cloud via Blossom Goodchild, Jan. 7, 2021,” January 7, 2021, at

The Federation of Light and indeed myself have said many times – many, many times – that your world is to get far more topsy-turvy than what took place in your last year.

So it begins, my friends, the unrest … is taking place not only in the country where there is much unrest this day, yet the ripple effect it has [will go] all over the world and the fact that everything you hear on your news is there to bring down, to suppress, and to confuse.

You must know, dearest souls, that there is a Divine Plan which is taking place. And within this topsy-turviness that is causing so much disturbance of mind, of soul, of heart there is a place for you to hold your swords of light to the skies. …

You came here to do this, my friends. Let it not be now that you waver, that your thoughts go under, that your heart lies low. No, instead let it be now that those swords of light are raised up and charged with the energy of love that is filtering down to your beings from the Divine Source.



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