Gallery: Sanat Kumara: Invoking the Universal Law of Change



Sanat Kumara and Invoking the Universal Law of Change

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In this post, Universal Law is Not the Jail Cell, but the Releasing Key, Sanat Kumara has this to say:

I come so that these Laws may be applied, utilized in the very life that you are creating in the co-creation of Nova Beings, Nova Earth, Terra Gaia: in the new way of community with each other, with your star family, with all beings above and below, within and without.

But, the reason I have asked to step forward is that so much of what I share with you, what I eagerly share with you, is not being integrated or implemented in the fullness of what is possible.

There are some of you who have chosen and selected certain Laws that attract you, and that is a good thing, and you are utilizing these principles.

But, in many ways, we — and when I say we, I mean the entire Council of Love, I mean the entire Company of Heaven and your brothers and sisters from far and wide — are somewhat surprised that this wisdom and knowledge, the depth of understanding, has not been more deeply embraced.

He said we could just use the Law of Change:

SK: Right now your planet is going through such change.

If you ignored all the Laws, and said,

“I am working with the Law of Change; just help me to change into Who I Am, to change what doesn’t work and to bring in what does.”

That’s all the Law of Change is:

It’s realizing that everything, every breath in, every breath out, is change.

It is simple as the seasons, as the sun coming up and going down, as the moon coming up and the moon going down.

He asked us to see the beauty and simplicity of Universal Law — that it is the Pattern of the Mother — that it is already within us.

I’m seeing lots of applications for this Law, within and without 🙂

Please join in, invoking Sanat Kumara and the Law of Change, and expect change!

I invoke Sanat Kumara
the Universal Law of Change
to help me to change into Who I Am,
to change what doesn’t work & to bring in what does.




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