Gallery: Keys of Enoch: in reference to Magenta Pixie’s 2021 video

Transfiguration through the Spiritual Communities of Light
I have found a reference in the Keys of Enoch, a book about the Higher Planes to something MagentaPixie mentioned in her latest video: New Earth Rising, Energy Update for 2021.

The reference was to the Yod.

15  ’The Yod spectrum constitutes the Ten ‘radiation centres of soul growth’ personified by the “lost ten tribes of Israel”- the lost spectrum of light

16 This Yod spectrum is the lost coding used to connect our life station with the original program of the Father (which is energy beyond the programs begun by the sub creators to salvage portions of the Adamic Race).

17 When the Yod spectrum, as the collective ten lost radiation of the Divine Light, is synthesised with trinitized matter and energy( which is beyond the bipolar balances of the planet), the dualism of science and religion is overthrown;

18 then, we can fully use, all Twelve channels of Light to interconnect with vast life systems already working within our life system.

19 Unfortunately, non spiritual man works in the common light and is caught within his own duality and cannot go beyond his own picture of “ the Israel of flesh” into the Israel of Light.

20 However, once he can go beyond the geophysical parameter that separates him from the True Israel, he can begin to raise himself to the level of the  Sons of Light and the Great White Brotherhood.

21 The term “sons of Light,” – B’nai Or, appears in both the ancient and newly revealed scriptures of Israel. These scrolls refer to Zohar regions of Ea-Sirius, Sabin, Kessler, and Kimah from where the Sons of Light come down to instruct us as to the mysteries of the evolving universe.

22 they are defined as the spiritual intelligence who explained the dialectic between the children of Light  and the children of darkness.”

This whole chapter or key 2-1-0 refers to the time we are in now. And concludes:

45 “Therefore, O Brethren of Light, do listen to this entreaty and understand that we have the Day of Resurrection at hand and that we must all be prepared to enter into the arms of our Brothers when they descend in flames and in great rushing of Glory to collect us.

46 Be lifted with joy each day and stand in resonance on that Great Day of Graduation.”

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