Gallery: Uluru Tonight

Uluru tonight

How to send the Intention

When sending the pure love and revitalizing energy to the heart of Mother, this energy can be sent through the root of your body and into the songlines, or through the third eye to Uluru, to join the Ceremony energies. Whatever way individuals find suits them is the right way to send the energy. As long as the energy and intent is there at 9.02 PM on the 21st December, it shouldn’t matter how it gets there

The intention is pure love to reinvigorate and re-energize the heart of Mother. It’s simple. Beautiful. Powerful. Your help is important. Your help is necessary. Necessary for this Ceremony to work. This is why you’re here now, to help ensure this Ceremony is successful. It’s for her. Not us. Though we positively benefit in the process. Keep a Laser-like, one-pointed focus on the intention:

A pure love for Mother in our heart as we ask to energize the heart of Mother Earth

This is what you can do. The rest is being taken care of by Original Caretakers of the land. Please share this message far and wide. And please, stay focused on the intention.

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