Gallery: What’s happening at Ayers Rock, Uluru on 21 Dec 2020

What’s Happening at Ayers Rock (Uluru) on December 21?

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On September 27, 2020, we  posted an article about the Uluru Activation Ceremony that’s been planned by a group of Aboriginal Elders to take place at Ayers Rock exactly at 9:02 PM on December 21, 2020.  That research was prompted by Blossom’s channeling of the same date (9/27).  Her team had this to say about it ~

We metaphorically are showing you THIS ROCK with flames all around it, to signify the phoenix rising from the ashes. We are showing birds from all around flying around this site and squawking loudly … as if alerting your people to what is to come.

There is Drumming … there is Chanting … there is Dancing … there is Forgiveness.

There is a time of silence as one waits … in great expectancy.


…a change in Energy of a great degree. The prayers and ceremonies shall be removing much darkness and inviting a MUCH HIGHER DEGREE OF LOVE ENERGY TO ENTER IN … WHICH IT SHALL.

So yes, there shall be a HUGE SHIFT in the VIBRATION OF LIGHT UPON YOUR PLANET which one shall FEEL…

Since that time there have been a number of interested parties wanting to participate in their own way.

Excerpted from The Original Prophecy Foretelling the Change of Everything

By Steven & Evan Strong

The original Elders and Keepers of Lore are those orchestrating these ceremonies, and there are no equivocations or exceptions in this as it is extremely secret business.  What the local Original people all fear is people camping in the scrub with no camping facilities, no water for nearly two hundred kilometers, no electricity, no trees for shade, no toilets, and no access to the gated resorts that do have all essential supplies.  If thousands are doing this, something could go wrong.

The returning point and geographical location is that anywhere on the ground, skin to Earth at 9:02 pm Uluru time is the perfect location.  [That’s] just as good as having both hands on the rock face of Uluru. In fact and protocol, it is one hundred times better. Give the Old Ones space and make sure your soul energy is clean and fearless and then become of their space and a Black-fella, White Fella (Wirritjin) future.

A group called Cosmic Consciousness is livestreaming their chosen means of gathering energy for it, and for 399 Australian dollars you can join in that way.  They say that accommodations in the area are full to capacity, which is a lovely indication that the desired number of Aussies will be quite sufficient.

For those of us in a more humble position financially, our loving energy and powerful intention to take part is just as juicy.  We’re all in this together yet still we remain unique in our various missions here on Earth at this time.  We can choose to join in on an individual level with our own ceremonies or in gatherings with our own circle.

It’s a beautiful opportunity at this time of isolation to feel a vital and integral part of the Human Collective.  It’s clear that our Star Family and our Friends in the Rafters will also be present and adding their own flavor to this etheric Stone Soup.

Use this time zone converter to see when to join in from wherever you are on the planet.  If you’re off-planet already, I’m sure that your companions will let you know…

Ayers Rock is in the Northern Territory and in the same time zone as Darwin, Australia.

Excerpt by Julia Williams in consultation with Lore Keepers:

Here is the guidance from Original People, directly involved in this Ceremony ~

These are their words;

We need to be truly focused on a singular, focused, specific thought, feeling and intention.  The purpose of this Ceremony is for the Rainbow Serpent to become the Rainbow Bridge, to rise up to connect with the light of the Sun and go straight into the Heart of Mother Earth…cleansing, energizing and reinvigorating Mother Earth and ushering in a new era for Mother and her children.

To be clear ~ the focus is on Mother Earth, not on ourselves.

We need to focus on reinvigorating Mother Earth and raising her consciousness. If this Ceremony is supported by enough pure love, energy, and the foundation of shared specific intention, it will be successful.

The byproduct of a successful Ceremony will be the new era of consciousness for Mother Earth and her Children. Us. We need to ensure our focus and love is on her, Mother Earth, and on this specific intention:

With a cleansed body, heart, mind, and soul the intention is ~

A pure love for Mother in our heart as we ask to energize the heart of Mother Earth with our love and energy.

With this pure intention, you can contribute to the energy of the Ceremony from wherever you are in such a positive way. You need not be at Uluru. You can do this from afar. And it will make a huge difference! It is the energy the Ceremony needs to be able to work.

How to send the Intention

When sending the pure love and revitalizing energy to the heart of Mother, this energy can be sent through the root of your body and into the songlines, or through the third eye to Uluru, to join the Ceremony energies. Whatever way individuals find suits them is the right way to send the energy. As long as the energy and intent is there at 9.02 PM on the 21st December, it shouldn’t matter how it gets there

The intention is pure love to reinvigorate and re-energize the heart of Mother. It’s simple. Beautiful. Powerful. Your help is important. Your help is necessary. Necessary for this Ceremony to work. This is why you’re here now, to help ensure this Ceremony is successful. It’s for her. Not us. Though we positively benefit in the process. Keep a Laser-like, one-pointed focus on the intention:

A pure love for Mother in our heart as we ask to energize the heart of Mother Earth

This is what you can do. The rest is being taken care of by Original Caretakers of the land. Please share this message far and wide. And please, stay focused on the intention.


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