Gallery: C L Day: The Games Begin – The Monoliths

C.L. Day ~ The Games Begin: The Monoliths

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Is How We See the Monoliths the Important Part?

This morning I received a text from C.L. Day, author of the Vibrational Engineer’s Handbook Series. She expressed her concern over the appearance of the monoliths around the planet and how the Human Collective has been responding to the news.

Shortly after that brief interchange in which she offered to bring through a message from her team on the subject, I found the Lorie Ladd video (below) suggesting that we need to be practicing our discernment like never before on this. 

My own feeling is that our response to the appearance of these things is what matters most here.

The Games Begin ~ The Monoliths

Channeled message 12/14/20

There is much afoot in this amazing time/space that we are held within. For we are well within the Singularity now, and in prior writings through this channel it was expressed that a time would come ~

“NOW each player, who has always been playing their very own game, has begun to…well bump into one another, looking into each other’s eyes and into each other’s game. Chaos!”

Well, it appears that the real silliness has begun, and we can look at it as such.

Over the years and through many channels, the ‘Galactic Federation of Light’, and the ‘Councils of the Higher Heaven’ have stated clearly that they would NOT allow any attempt to bring ‘Project Bluebeam’ or any projects connected within it to be used against Humanity.

TO THIS WE HOLD. This will not be allowed in any form.

And to this measure we say now that the STORY of the Monoliths that you are being offered is not of truth.

In fact, we ask you to look deeply into the other player’s eyes NOW. What do you see?

Rather short, rather unimpressive metal.

But this is a game, and the opponents would like to control the narrative.  If they must speak about ET’s (and they’d rather not) they will give you short Monoliths all the while speaking of their great height. LOL

Take this as a compliment.  You have grown to such an extent that the Controllers are forced to try and contend with you as a worthy opponent. To our many gifted and wonderful Channels that may have fallen for the moment for the shenanigans…once again, look a little closer, and look again.

WE tell you this NOW, there will be no question of our contact when we reach out. Your skies will alight with light and color unparalleled, you will feel us as bliss.

But WE say ~ for now discern deeply, question all, question deeply.

C.L. Day




Lorie Ladd also weighs in on this prominent topic (and so much more) during a fascinating discussion.

ET’s, Disclosure & False Flags W/ Jason Shurka

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