Gallery: Archangel Gabriel: Amplifying the Experience

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Amplifying the Experience

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December 13, 2020,

You are well aware the 2020 was a year of energetic amplification. Why not use this to your advantage?

If there is something you wish to enjoy more of as part of your experience, we suggest you incorporate it into your life now, no matter how small an amount, and allow the energies to amplify it for you.

There is great wisdom in doing this before the Solstice, as Solstices lock in your energetic progress, one of the many, many reasons this particular Solstice is so pivotal on your journey.

Rather than feeling like you are at the mercy of the energies, it is well within your abilities to creatively work with them and allow them to water the seeds you wish to sow.


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