Gallery: Expanded Consciousness will Equip us for our Missions

Expanded Consciousness will Equip Us for Our Missions

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Mike Quinsey said something in his last Higher-Self message that I wanted to underscore.

I often look at myself and ask, how am I going to do what’s requested of me? I don’t feel compassion deeply. I don’t enjoy socializing compared to working. I can’t remember what I had for breakfast.

Danged varmint! Where has my memory gone? Where is it hiding?

How am I going to do this?

Mike triggered a realization in me. I’ve had it before but I … forgot. Mike said:

“With an expanded consciousness comes a natural sense of fairness and responsibility.” (1)

“With an expanded consciousness” – Of course. I’m projecting myself into the future as I am. But the Mother has told us that the Ascension energies will keep rising and these’ll have a transformative effect.

Let me cite some of the comments she’s made on that subject so we … I … really get it. I recorded several in 2017.

First, let’s refresh our memories on who the Divine Mother is. If she doesn’t will something, it won’t happen; if she does will it, it can’t be stopped.  She said last year:

“I know very clearly, sweet one, as do you, if it is not [in] my Plan, then it will not occur. ” (2)

She reminded us in 2017 that she also doesn’t start a flow and then stop it – like the Tsunami of Love, for instance.

“I do not tend to start and stop what I send thee.” (3)

She then acknowledges that she’s both regulating and increasing the flow of the Tsunami of Love. She actually confirms that she’s managing the flow of Ascension energies to us:

“It is the time yet again of the resurgence of my Tsunami of Love – yes, within the brackets of your experience and what you think of as time. And this resurgence is done in tandem – yes, to the Porlana C, to the Tsunami of One, and to my original Tsunami. “(4)

Ohhhhh-Kay. Buckle up.

Keep in mind that we keep thinking of Ascension as one “Event.” But here’s the Baker, the Mother, saying she’s turning up the oven to bake the bread, which will rise not all at once, but gradually over time.

“I come this day to say that I am increasing the frequency of my Tsunami of Love.

“Yes, it has been intense. But this is a period of fulfillment. And, sweet angels of light, fulfillment is intense! Your hearts, your love, your ecstasy, your minds, your physical bodies – you feel – because you are sensitives – that you in many ways are exploding. Do not try. Do not even think or consider tamping it down.” (5)

Notice as well that she’s concerned that the love-heat not be more intense than we can bear. Surely this answers our questions about why Ascension must be gradual as well as sudden.

No one will escape the impact of her energies, she says, although the impact itself will be different for different people.

“The recalcitrant, whether they know it or not, like it or not, accept it or not, declare it or not, it matters not – not one being upon your planet is exempt from both the Porlana C and my renewed, resurgent Tsunami of Love; not one being.  … What we are focused on is washing everything clean; first washing it out, washing it out, washing it out, but with each wave, with each ripple of each wave, we are also infusing, infusing, infusing.

“And with the infusion of my love, my energy, my pattern – and your Star family’s energy and pattern – there is no room for anything else. So it is as if you are getting the suds and the rinsing cycle at the same time.” (6)

Wash, rinse, and repeat.  This is the time of purification and it’s raising everything deeply ground in, so to speak, to the surface. Those who try to take their negativity or criminality with them will find they hit a roadblock.

But back to my earlier concern about not being good enough. I’ve been reassured that I’ll always have the energy I need for my responsibilities.  (7) And it will come as and in an expansion of consciousness.

I know that. It always has in the past come as a result of that.

In particular, Mike says, what arises is “a natural sense of fairness and responsibility.”  I know from my experience in the hearing room that we can allow the occasion to draw a sense of fairness and responsibility out of us.

I can foresee a sense of fairness and responsibility arising – not because of an occasion like a hearing but because I feel it inside me, independent of the occasion, but due to the rising energies.

So memory and capability will be expanded as a result of the Mother increasing the Ascension energies. That’s the basis of my faith and willingness to consider what lies ahead for me.

Tomorrow I’d like to look at what Mike says about the “Time of Separation.”


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(7) Steve: My big concern is that I’ll be head of a large organization and have no memory.

AAM: And you think that we would leave you helpless? … No, dear heart, that is not the plan.

Steve: Oh good! Even knowing there is a plan is comforting.

AAM: There is not only a plan, Sweet One. There is a strategy afoot to implement the plan. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, June 17, 2020.)

Steve: Now my memory will return once I’m involved in financial things, is that correct?

AAM: Your memory will be sufficient. …  Yes, you will have adequate memory. … You are travelling inter-dimensionally. Where those lapses tend to occur is when you are shifting dimensions. And so make sure that you are deeply anchored into your Mother Gaia. (AAM, ibid., May 13, 2020.)


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