Gallery: Linda Dillon: Remaining the Compassionate Observer

Linda Dillon: Remaining the Compassionate Observer

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With all that is and has been unfolding and proceeding – above and below, within and without – during our process of rebirth, the blessing and virtue of Compassion are one holding a place front and center.

This divine quality is defined by the Council as “The ability to Love and serve without judgment. To be able to fully understand and heart feel another’s situation without entering or assuming that cloak. The understanding that another has a chosen path and that we can only offer assistance and Love. We cannot complete another’s journey for them for that would be theft. Tenderness. It’s colors are green, red and magenta.”

A piece that we often miss is that compassion is meant to be applied as equally to ourselves as to one another.

Now, many of the Council have spoken on Compassion over the years: the Buddha, Quan Yin, Yeshua, and certainly Universal Mother Mary – always in rich, insightful ways that expand our understanding. So please help yourself to the treasure-trove of beautiful messages on the topic stored within the COL’s Golden Library.

Today as I was contemplating compassion, Archangel Michael led me to a recent discussion and message he offered regarding Remaining the “Observer.” He really wants to remind us that “never has it been more important for you to remain the observer… not ignoring your beautiful intellect, your wisdom, ancient and divine, but in that wisdom to know the truth is all that matters. Do not allow your sweet self to be distracted by the chaos, by the drama, by what the Mother has called, yes, the melee. Ignore it and stay within your heart, stay within your divinity.”

“You are the bedrock. You are the foundation upon which Nova Earth is being built… not will be built… is being built. And you see it in each other! Cherish that. Build upon that. Embrace that and then stand back and be the observer. And then, when you are moved to participate, do so in ways that are kind and loving, considerate and compassionate.”

He goes on to discuss when, long ago, he was sent to bring home many of the fallen angels… and how he proceeded with that sacred task. Obviously, our beloved Brother of Blue is offering us a page from his playbook. So please don’t miss it.

Please join me in the practice of observing through the lens of Compassion – whether we’re gazing inwardly or outwardly. For in truth, it’s one and the same… isn’t it?

With all my love, compassion & joy

xxx Linda


Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

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