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Now What?

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Yesterday I looked at the element of disloyalty in my everyday consciousness state. I traced it to a vein of self-servingness. I processed it using the upset clearing process.

And? Now what?

Well, soon we’re going to be handling massive disclosure that we’re told will shake many of us to our foundations.

The point I don’t want to be overlooked is that, when our views, beliefs, assumptions, and preferences are shaken to the roots, this is the process I encourage us to engage in. And don’t miss reminding me when I forget.

In my view, that which confronts us is scarey because we say so. We feel crummy when we do because of how we’re seeing things. We create our upsets and, because we do, we can also create our way through them.

It’s my settled opinion that what’s most important to us as humans is how we feel. If that’s the case, then what we need is not to tinker with the outside environment, but to tinker with ourselves. If we’re a house on fire, as one Buddhist master described this material world, (1) it lies within our power as well to put out the fire.

Keep in mind perhaps that when tension goes up, awareness goes down. When you find out that your favorite entertainer is an adrenochrome user or a politician you loved was a powerful Illuminati, or pedophile, or financial fraud artist, your tension will go up and your awareness – right when you need it most – will go down.

Therefore the more we practice with these techniques of clearing our upsets, the more we’ll remember them later.

Let me repeat the scenario then, as a means of reminding us for when our stress levels go up. Think of it as a fire drill.

We’re going along as normal when suddenly something gets triggered. I call what got triggered a vasana; Linda Dillon calls it a core issue; others call it old baggage, the gunnysack, our Morley’s chain of resentments.

Triggered, we have an upset that interrupts our experience of normality for as long as the upset is running. We seldom blame ourselves for our upsets; we usually blame someone else so the upset gets proliferated and amplified as others are dragged in and they get reactivated as well.

That’s the old third-dimensional way of handling our upsets.

We’re trying something different.

We have an unspoken agreement with ourselves (and, yes, I have broken it a few times … errrr …  lately) not to look outwards for the source of our upsets but to look inwards. (2) We agree not to project our upset onto others. We agree to sit with whatever experience arises after we locate the historical and original source of the upset (the hidden volcano) and simply observe.

And there’s more to do, such as clearing the residual behavior patterns born of the vasanas but having an independent and persistent existence.

I probably should add that, after processing a vasana, I suggest taking a few minutes to breathe love up from your heart and send it to yourself and the world. I find this last step healing.

Having watched how the mainstream media spun the Sidney Powell story, (3) I’m sickened by the  spin and censorship that’s happening. It’s a wonderful time to go inwards.


(1) “The triple world is blazing in defilement as if it were a house on fire.1 How can you bear to tarry here and complacently undergo such long suffering? If you wish to avoid wandering in samsara there is no better way than to seek Buddhahood. If you want to become a Buddha, understand that Buddha is the mind. How can you search for the mind in the far distance? It is not outside the body. The physical body is a phantom, for it is subject to birth and death; the true mind is like space, for it neither ends nor changes. Therefore it is said, ‘These hundred bones will crumble and return to fire and wind. But One Thing is eternally numinous and covers heaven and earth.’” (Bojo Jinul (1158-1210), “2. The triple world is blazing in defilement as if it were a house on fire,” at

(2) I won’t go through the upset clearing process again here. See: “How to Handle Unwanted Feelings: The Upset Clearing Process,” April 25, 2011, at

Also: Vasanas: Preparing for Ascension by Clearing Old Issues at

(3) An MSM reporter asked what position Sidney Powell held on the Trump Team. When the answer came back that Sidney Powell was not on the Trump team, the MSM spun it to mean that she had been fired or kicked off the team.

She was never a member of the Trump team.   The MSM narrative will become a tangled web because it isn’t the truth. The truth is standalone and needs no rehearsing.



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