Gallery: Med Beds: Quantum Healing

Med Beds ~ Quantum Healing

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This video was originally published on YouTube back in August of this most challenging year of 2020.  The very encouraging message is channeled information from The Intergalactic Alliance of Light Beings through Tracey Milne.

You may have read posts on this blog or elsewhere about Med Beds, and it’s been rumored that President Trump (and yes, he’s still the President) is rumored to have said to the nation on June 14th that “within a year’s time or so almost all hospital procedures will be obsolete.”

I’ve not been able to locate that clip and if anyone has it, please do send it in to our Contact Us.  In any case, the detailed information about what will be ‘rolling out’ for Humanity is an answer to the myriad and nearly limitless prayers sent from our Collective out to the Universe for help .

Haven’t you wondered how the various ills, wounding and trauma in the Human Collective could ever possibly be healed?  Many will recall the messages from SaLuSa through Mike Quinsey years ago in which we were told that our physical vessel would grow younger in appearance.  We take that kind of information in and usually say, “How lovely that would be” without investing much thought or energy into how such things could come to pass.

It actually now makes perfect sense that it’s time now for us to have this information, because it actually is ready for implementation.  Please know also that the moment we have any information about the availability of Med Beds, we’ll surely be posting what we know here.

This is the kind of news many of us have been waiting for…praying for.  Watching this under-13-minute video might just make your day…it surely did mine.


One thought on “Gallery: Med Beds: Quantum Healing

  1. Hello I’m very interested in your med beds and ascension as part of my human development


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