Gallery: Archangel Gabriel: Transforming into the New

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Transforming into the New

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November 8, 2020,

You are shifting profoundly right now and will continue to shift throughout the remainder of the year in preparation to step into the new energies of 2021. Allow your shifting to ebb and flow, trusting the rhythm of the universe to serve you.

Energies will leave, new energies will come in. There is divine intelligence to it all, so if you move with whatever the flow is supporting in any now moment you will navigate these waters with efficiency and far greater grace and ease than you might have thought possible.

You are moving through the energies of profound transformation, and the way to do that is with beautiful self care, presence, and unshakeable trust in both the process and your complete capability to love your way forward into the new.


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