Gallery: Meditation Class Notes 1

Kaleidoscope (Meditation) 

Matrix Merkebah

We would ask you, in your meditation visualisation space, to see yourself stood within the sacred wheel that is your individualised matrix Mer-Ka-Bah field. 


Your solar plexus and heart chakra are the central point/pivot point of the matrix. You are standing within your vertical pillar of light at the point where the vertical pillar intersects with the horizontal rainbow bridge pathway.

You see the forward facing horizontal axis in front of you and behind you. The diagonal axis intersects through the pivot point where you stand. You then visualise a spiral at the centre point of your solar plexus, moving upwards to your heart chakra.

Within this spiral are twelve spinning white orbs and twelve spinning black orbs. The white orbs spin clockwise and the black orbs spin anticlockwise (although follow your intuition on this as it may be the reverse of this for you, as long as you visualise the twelve white orbs and the twelve black orbs spinning in different directions within your solar plexus and spiralling upwards to the heart chakra). Above you, starting at your crown chakra, are twelve spinning diamond orbs.

Below your feet are twelve spinning crystal turquoise orbs. In front of you, along the forward facing horizontal arm, are twelve emerald spinning orbs.

Behind you, along the backward facing horizontal arm, are twelve rose quartz crystal spinning orbs. To the left of you, along the horizontal, are twelve blue sapphire spinning orbs. To the right of you, along the horizontal, are twelve ruby crystal spinning orbs.

The diagonal axis, coming down from the left, has twelve spinning gold orbs, shining with brilliant gold-white light. They look like twelve suns as they glow and spin and emanate. You feel the warmth and the bliss within these golden orbs. The diagonal axis, coming down from the right, has twelve spinning silver orbs, shining with sparkling silver-white light. They look like twelve moons as they shine and beam their silver moonlight river glow upon you.

Diagonally, moving downwards towards the left, you see twelve amethyst crystal orbs. Diagonally, towards the right, you see twelve opalescent rainbow spinning orbs. Each group of twelve spinning crystal orbs moves beyond your line of sight, so each direction eventually looks like a glowing crystal colour. You feel as though you are surrounded by a pulsating living rainbow. You are encased within your own personal kaleidoscope.

You are aware that a circle encompasses the edge of your kaleidoscope rainbow matrix, the event horizon of your infinity of Source self, yet you cannot see this. For it stretches into infinity and is a never-ending evolving spiral even whilst it is a circle. In your mind’s eye, you draw all the spinning crystalline orbs into the intersection point that is your solar plexus and heart chakra.

The kaleidoscope matrix changes form before you and all converge at the midpoint of your solar plexus and heart. From your solar plexus and heart bursts forth the rainbow dragon, glowing with all the colours that made up your kaleidoscope matrix. The rainbow dragon has black claws and white wings. His eyes are emerald, his scales are blue sapphire, ruby, amethyst, gold, silver, turquoise and rose quartz. His tail is opalescent rainbow pearl. He is a plasma, rainbow, Krystal dragon and he is your dragon. You are the dragonrider as you sit atop his back and ride him across the starlit night sky. You and your dragon are one. You are one being, one soul, one heart, one mind.

Then he turns, to fly back in the direction of where you stood within your kaleidoscope matrix that is now your plasma rainbow Krystal dragon. You may call him ‘Quetzalcoatl’ if you wish, for he has been known by this name and many other names, or you may give him a name of your choice, but your plasma-rainbow-Krystal dragon is a male dragon.

In the distance, at the place where you once stood within the kaleidoscope matrix that is now your dragon, you see a royal blue shimmering disc before you. It lights up the night sky as a star does, twinkling and gleaming with the intricacies of the snowflake crystal lattice that it is.

This is your celestial stargate and she is female. She is the gateway to Sophia, the first gate and her name is Celestina. She shines and vibrates and pulsates with the stardust light of true celestial memory. You ride your dragon, closer and closer towards Celestina. Then together you and your rainbow dragon leap through the centre of the Celestina stargate, at which time your dragon breathes the fire of flame that is his dragon’s breath and he creates a reality for you. You leap through this ring of fire and find yourself… where? Where are you now?

Within a zero point field blank canvas, or a fully formed hyperspace reality of your own making? Perhaps you are within the Pleiades system, or Sirius or Lyra? The creation now, is yours to create and yours to discover. Look where you are. What do you see? You have passed through the first gate and what you find is yours to create. You spend some time within the world beyond the void, into the mind, the true mind, for you have entered the sacred space that is involution. This is the implosion. This is the true creation. This is the hermetic vault where your memories are stored and they are all here for you. Your dragon and the celestial stargate are your keys.

We leave you to your own devices, your own creation, within the worlds beyond the rainbow gate. Yet when you return, you ride your dragon back through the stargate with focused intent upon returning into the sovereignty and balance that is your matrix field. Then you can dismount from your trusty fire-breathing steed, the transportation of Mer-Ka-Bah fire that is the dragonkin soul you possess. For he is your seed and you are the star. Starseed, yes you are.

The bejewelled body of the dragon returns once again into the formation of the kaleidoscope matrix and you integrate all you have seen and experienced. You rode the torsion field as the torsion field, unified with the DNA expression of the ascended master on Earth. As you stand, once again, within the nexus point of the kaleidoscope matrix, you bring your awareness back, in your own time, to the physical point of perspective that is you, all that is you. Back into linear physicality but now armed with the awareness of Matrix Transportation and stargate ascension. The journey begins!

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