Gallery: Planetary Reboot: Modelling What’s Ahead of Us

Modelling What’s Ahead of Us?

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I’m still dazzled by Patricia Diane Cota Robles’ six-part presentation, the 34th World Congress on Illumination.

I don’t regard myself as having so much self-confidence or knowledge that I could present what she offered. She carried the day with the depth of her conviction. And it wasn’t faked or overdone, as far as I could see. She seems like the genuine article – an ascended being.

What I called “transformative love” she called “our Mother God’s transfiguring divine love.”  Totally. It instantly transfigures us, rendering us pure and innocent again. Sort of like a dip in the River Jordan, or, if you like, the River Ganges.

Patricia’s Day 6 broadcast:

She described the Fifth Dimension as having “a frequency that this world has never known.” I agree.  I estimate that 99.999% of us have no idea what the Fifth Dimension is like.

When I felt the inner tsunami of love race through me, in surprise, I said to myself, “Oh, THIS is what they’re talking about.” I had, up till that time, no inkling of what true love felt like – I mean “Mother God’s transfiguring divine love.”

She said that the maximum energy we can stand is being pushed to the surface right now.

In our more evolved state, she thought we might still encounter what I’ve called “habitual behavior patterns.” The vasana or core issue is gone, but the habit patterns remain.

If or when they reassert themselves, we may choose to go with them because they’re  familiar. However, she said we’d no longer feel rewarded by acting on them.

And that’s pretty well what happened to me around hostility. (1) I was no longer getting biscuits from acting like a tough guy. (2) I hear Kathleen saying, “How’s it working for ya?” I can laugh now, but it was going pretty poorly.

Meanwhile Patricia described the angelic operation to flood the planet with Light, as a planetary reboot.

This is just a fraction of what she said in her six-part presentation. (3)

I’ve never heard the complete picture of Ascension put in such a masterful way. If she’s modelling what’s ahead of us? Wa-hoooo!


(1) See “From Hostility to Harmony,” Oct. 2, 2020, at and “Breakthrough,” Oct. 4, 2020, at

(2) It was a mask. Yes, there was a scared child underneath it, pulling all the levers.

(3) Just enter “34th world congress on illumination” in Youtube’s search engine.


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