Gallery: Ivo of Vega: Reaction vs Response(Boundries)

Ivo of Vega – Reaction vs Response

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by Sharon Stewart


Indifference: Does reacting mean you care or does it just mean you’re reacting?

Me: I should channel Alan Watts LOL. Ivo, can we discuss reacting please?

Ivo: We can indeed. My dear, and to all of those who watch these videos, I want you first to understand a lesson that Sharon has learned today. Sharon is healing from CPTSD and is now in the last parts of her healing. She regularly discovers old trauma wounds in her auric field and, with the help of others around her, she heals these wounds.

It is particularly important that she, as well as you, look at her own part in these interactions because the role she/you play is perhaps more important than the role that the other person plays. Certainly to you, it should be. Sharon has learned today that she tends to lower her boundaries whenever relating to others who are dysfunctional. Why? So that she can relate to them in old ways. This causes the dysfunctional part of her life now, because were she to adhere to her good boundaries and not violate her own boundaries, yes, she violates her own boundaries – not others – she would fare much better than she has been. It is that she lowers her boundaries and does not respond in her highest good that she draws these negative lessons closer to herself again.

Me: I’m going to go do the crossword now. LOL

Ivo: It would be best for you to listen, my love. I realize you believe there is nobody there you can talk to and if you want to talk to your neighbours, you lower your standards. This is a bad idea. Your standards are there for the simple reason that they are to protect you from further abuse.

Sharon has also learned that when she lowers her boundaries, when she does not live up to the new values of self care that she knows are best for her, that her shadow comes out to play.

When your shadow releases itself into the interaction, you are dancing with your own darkness. And Sharon realizes the reason she allowed her shadow to come out and play. The shadow creates dysfunction in your life. The shadow should be allowed to express itself when you are alone and in the process of grieving or healing yourself, not any other time. When your shadow predominates your interaction with another, you are asking for trouble.

When you met Glenn, my love, you allowed your shadow to interfere with your best impressions. That bought you three years of living with a crack addicted alcoholic who beat you.

Never allow your boundaries to drop. Never stray from acting in your own best interests. Never allow any aspect of your ego to predominate. Also, you must keep in mind that generally you tend to attract addicted, violent, childish men, often with mental illnesses, and this is because your work with your father is not complete yet and because you are the divine feminine still growing in your power.

So you must be extremely cautious when meeting new men. For those of you listening, I suggest you go through your history to see what type of partner you tend to attract. And this is the type of person you must guard against unless they are wonderful people who create good partnerships.

If they are not, you must do the work on yourself, and guard against the dark’s efforts to send them to you to destroy you.

Me: Got it.

Ivo: Unless you understand, you will call forth other situations that will cause you harm. Yes, you attract these people due to your own wounds, however your boundaries are a line of defense, if when used properly, that stave off the consequences of these attractions. Unless you exercise poor judgment and drop them. Do you understand?

Me: See, I told you you had more lessons up your sleeve.

Ivo: I see this is a new lesson for you. You did not realize you had dropped your boundaries, but you had, and now you are expected to interact with this person in a dysfunctional way that you had previously gone beyond.

Do not allow yourself to drop your boundaries. And if you do, suspect your shadow is looking for a chance to create chaos.

This is the first lesson today. My love, it would be best for you to create a list of which boundaries you dropped and how you can shore them up again.

Always use errors to learn from. That is an important lesson as well. Mistakes are only mistakes when they are not used to gain self empowerment.

When you lower your boundaries, who is in control, and what is this showing you about yourself?

Why do you defect your Light and cross back to the dark side?

What is still inside you that needs to be transmuted?

Today’s chosen topic was indifference.

You asked if reacting meant you’re just reacting or do you care?

These are two different topics. Indifference would imply one does not care.

Reaction implies that one can care but does not care about the self as much because they allow themselves to get caught up in an extreme emotional state.

Perhaps this state is anger, or perhaps anxiety, or fear.

Negative reactions indicate you are not caring for yourself as much as you should be. We ask always that you wait to respond to a situation, and then respond in a fashion that indicates a higher state of emotion.

When you react to everything put before you, you are reacting to what has already been created rather than creating that which you wish to respond to.

Envision a life where you would have no chaotic moments and that a natural response to everything would seat you in the best of frequencies.

Imagine that. How close are you to creating that life for yourself?

Yes, I hear Sharon’s (Tiannia’s) mind complain that this world does not meet your needs.

Me: For example, I love to give to people but when I do, they start thinking they can have access to all parts of me, even the ones I haven’t specified. If I give people fire wood for their barbeque somehow this equates to, “She wants to have sex with me.” If I share my canned broccoli soup with someone, somehow they believe that, “She wants to have sex with me.” This is firewood and broccoli soup, not sex. If I wanted to have sex with them I’d say so, and I didn’t.

Ivo: My love, earthlings are in a very depraved state of existence right now. You have to beware that you are dealing with people who are not in their proper state of mind.

Some people are obsessed with sex because the ego runs their sex lives and the more conquests they have, the better they feel about themselves. Many people’s minds are grossly twisted in order to create these illogical states within them.

Me: It’s as if, when you’re generous, that’s it. They have full access to all of you. They can take whatever they want.

Ivo: And the need to dominate and control also is part of this illogical way of thinking as well.

Me: Well, he’s been skulking around here again, Saturday night, Sunday night again so he’s going to get told and he’s going to get an ultimatum. That’s what I’ve decided. I’m tired of putting up with his obsession with me.

Ivo: So be it. He may well be around tonight as well.

Me: We’re going to have a talk at the door. He won’t get in here anymore. I don’t feel safe with him here and it’s my house.

Ivo: Imagine that you live in a world where the only place you feel safe is your own home, rather than the entire world, which is your home. Many of you feel that way.

Me: Yes. I do. I’m sure I’m not alone.

Ivo: When you have boundaries and think before you respond, then you behave in the most healthy fashion possible for where earthlings are now. When you think about what they are saying to you and respond in a healthy way, then you are not confusing them. They will be clear on how you feel about them.

Me: I know we were discussing being boundaryless, but I don’t think it’s possible to be that way in duality. Perhaps in singularity, I can give all I want to everybody which is what I want to do, but here in duality you just get all sorts of strange reactions. Now I know why people donate anonymously. I’ve seen stories of people wanting to thank their donors and the donors are like “Na-uh”. They remain anonymous, otherwise they get hit on constantly for more and more and more. It’s the only way you can stay in control of what you want to do and not have to deal with being hounded for more and being taken off your objective. Because let’s face it, with someone pestering you all the time, trying to break down your boundaries with manipulation and “love bombing” (Oh, you’re so nice, I really love your hair and your coat is so pretty…. yeah, I’ve heard it all) it’s annoying. Insincere and flattering. I can sense these out from the get-go.
We live in a world where everyone is a minion of a system that is trying to disable you. I totally stand behind that statement. They’re trying to get one over on you, they’re trying to one-up you, they’re trying to be more powerful, dominate and have control over you. If you provide some kind of thing that they want a supply of, then they will turn on the control attempts even moreso. Some people have walked away and gone beyond this system, but the system is nipping at their heels, trying to pull them back in. That’s been my experience, anyway.

Ivo: Which is another point you brought up, my love. His insincerity. His flattery. You understand he is only saying these things not because he means them, but because he is trying to reach an objective. And lying to you, he feels, is the way to get there. You understand that earlier in your life this might have worked.

Me: Oh yeah. One guy’s asking me what my favourite type of jewellery was and when is my birthday? That worked too. And I was mad afterwards when my birthday came and went and he didn’t even acknowledge it.

Ivo: You sense the insincerity, you say. You hear his lies. You hear how he flatters himself which, from experience, you also know to be a lie. There is no man on earth who feels he is a rotten lover. They all say they are and they must do this to try to sell you on their service. What you are being exposed to is constant lying and negative energy and that is another thing that you tire of. You are being pummeled by lies, so this is the mental aspect, you are being pummeled by negative emotions – your own when you do not believe him and his when he is trying to hide how badly he feels about himself. If he, in fact, felt good about himself he would respect you yet he does not. So you are insulted, you are lied to, and then subjected to his negative emotions about himself which you also pick up on, and then metaphysically he is draining your energy. This is an energy vampire.
We sit and watch as we know these things will affect you to the point you will change your mind about your friendship with him. It does the same with everyone upon earth (she will not allow me to say “your planet” anymore so I will say “earth”) and the same process is in place when it comes to Awakening. As more and more people are subjected to the truth brought out by the Lightworkers and the Alliance, the more they are awakening. Why? Because of the higher light quotient on your planet now, and because of the fact that they are also of a higher frequency than they were even a year ago.

Me: I wish it’d affect my family. It doesn’t seem to be.

Ivo: Your family is very low frequency, my love.

Me: True.

Ivo: People in general are not falling for the lies, they sense the insincerity put before them, they are affected by the changes that have been made to control them. Trying to control people whose light quotient is rising is putting the cart before the horse. They should have tried it perhaps fifty years ago when the earth’s light quotient was so low; it may have been more effective.

Me: They tried it in world war 2 and that only worked for so long.

Ivo: Your people were put to battle. The battle now is over your consciousness. As was recently channeled, this is an information war.

Me: So far.

Ivo: My point is, the more they attempt to control people whose light quotient is rising, the less successful they will be. Why? Because people sense hear the lies, sense the insincerity, are tired of the love bombing, and are becoming authentic so they do not want to be told what to do.

Me: Omnec Onec was saying the same thing went on on Venus years ago and they all walked away from the system.

Ivo: It did. And they have a wonderful system now that fulfills the needs of all.

Me: Can I go live there?

Ivo: Escaping your work does not work.

Me: LOL Okay, thank you Ivo. I’m hoping this helps someone. I’ve gotten good messages from people who have found help in these videos so I keep them up. I try to balance them with Storm messages and updates from Soren on the Pleaidian input, but it’s whatever comes up that day.

Ivo: So be it, my love.

Me: Thanks, Ivo.

Ivo: My love, you are most welcome. Keep your boundaries up.


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