Gallery: Patricia Cota Robles: Planetary Reboot

Patricia Diane Cota Robles: Planetary Reboot Tomorrow

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I consider Patricia Diane Cota Robles’s 34th World Congress on Illumination – Planetary Reboot to be one of the more impactful events I’ve “attended.”

Tomorrow is the day of the planetary reboot – a massive predicted energy shift.

Even if you haven’t listened to the previous five presentations, I invite you to go to Youtube tomorrow and attend that occasion. At 10:00 am Pacific time tomorrow, enter “cota robles 34th world congress part 6” on Youtube for that webinar.

The thing that impressed me most was simply watching Patricia deliver her program in what I can only describe as radiance. Clearly she was living in what she called “the Mother’s transfigurative love.”

She covered all aspects of purification, Ascension itself, the fall of systems of control, the outer chaos, etc. I really have never seen that done in one (albeit serial) presentation.

It hadn’t occurred to me before that she was channeling. I don’t see how she could have done what she did otherwise.  She calls her sources “the Company of Heaven” and “the Beings of Light.”

Here are the previous videos of the last five days. The format is a talk from Patricia, one or two meditations, perhaps a song, and then a wrap-up from Patricia.


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