Gallery: The Uluru Event info from Auntie Minnie Mace, 21 Dec 2020

Auntie Minnie Mace

All five presenters featured in the ‘Kariong Calling’ conference had wonderful material to impart. The information I’d like to share here, came from Aboriginal Elder, Auntie Minnie Mace. Auntie Minnie is a storehouse of information both Aboriginal and Egyptian, having been mentored for 40 years by Raymond Johnson, now recognised as having been the world’s leading Egyptologist.

She began by explaining the meaning and significance of the Chinese Ying/Yang symbol. Over twenty thousand years ago, an Egyptian named Shu travelled to China to teach the Chinese about the Yings and the Yangs, the positive and negative aspects of the Universe. The Ying Yang symbol, one side black and the other side white, represents a 26,000-year Universal cycle, with each side representing a separate 13,000-year cycle. The dark side is the Universe  breathing out; the white side is the Universe breathing in. This 26,000 Universal cycle is spoken about in many cultures/religions throughout the world.

Auntie Minnie says that in 1948, we moved into the Age of Aquarius. Since that time, the Universe has been in ‘shunting’ mode. On December 21st, 2020, she says the Universe will move out of shunt mode and will begin to breathe in, as we move into the new 13,000-year cycle.

She believes it’s critical that on December 21st, we all focus on sending our  Love, Enlightenment and goodwill towards Uluru, because that energy will ripple out into the Harmonic Grid that encircles the Planet. The women of Uluru have been practising for this event for generations, doing the Corroboree to send the energy down into Mother Earth to help her out of this shunting mode she’s been in, so that the Universe can start coming back towards us. So, when we face Uluru at 9.02pm on December 21st, to send all our Love towards the Rock, we should also focus on seeing the Universe coming towards us.

Auntie Minnie explains the Harmonic Grid thus:

The Eternal Mother is the Moon
The Eternal Father is the Sun
The electromagnetic waves between the Sun and the Moon filter down and for the Harmonic Grid around the Planet. We’re all connected to that Harmonic Grid through ‘The Silver Cord’ and if there’s a breakdown in the aggregation of atoms that make up our spirit in this body, the Harmonic Grid breaks down. We need a balance between the human and the spiritual aspects of our being to keep things in order.

Auntie Minnie believes that Australia will lead the world into the new Millenium.

“All the cultures of the world have been transplanted here, which was allowed by the Aboriginal Father Spirit Baiame. He allowed the strangers to come to our shores because they brought the English language. Before that we had 600 dialects, and we couldn’t talk to each other for so long. The English language has united us. We need to break down the barriers and share with each other.”

An Egyptian Alliance

The main topic of the conference was ‘Kariong’, an important historic and spiritual site about an hours drive north of Sydney. There, deep in the bush, lies a cave whose walls are covered with Egyptian hieroglyphics. There’s been speculation through the years about the authenticity of the hieroglyphs, but that has now been well and truly put to bed.

Raymond Johnson, the renowned Egyptoloigist who was Auntie Minnie’s mentor, visited Kariong. His translation of the glyphs was verified by an Egyptian colleague who was, at the time, Director General of the Antiquities Department in Egypt. She confirmed that the glyphs where authentic and original. The hieroglyphs tell the story of two sons of the Egyptian King Kephu who travelled to Australia 4,600 thousand years ago. One of them, Nepheru, was bitten by a snake and died. His brother carried his body to Kariong to entomb him there, because the Egyptians knew it to be a sacred place that would faciliate easy passage for his spirit to the afterlife. In Aboriginal lore, Kariong sits on a major Songline that is connected to the Harmonic Grid encompassing the Planet.

According to Raymond Johnson, the Egyptians had a base in Kangaroo Island, South Australia, for thousands of years. They came to Australia for the gold. The Egyptians believed gold was essential for their journey to the afterlife, because it’s the only substance the sun cannot penetrate and biodegrade. Gympie was particularly  important to them because of the gold resources located there. Three years ago, a scientist discovered that the gold used in King Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus was in fact, from Gympie!

Much evidence has been found throughout Australia supporting an Egyptian presence here. Egyptian coins and an Egyptian headdress were discovered near Cairns where I live, and evidence of pyramid structures have been found in several locations.

So much of our true history has been hidden, both deliberately and inadvertently. Kariong is an ancient site of great historic and cultural significance, yet its very survival is in danger. Developers are currently trying to push through a housing development right next to the site, which would have disastrous consequences.

If you’d like to learn more about the site, and help stop this happening, visit presenter Jake Cassar’s page to find out what you can do:

Joining Some More Dots!


Apart from going deeper into the December 21st Uluru event, the Kariong conference filled in a lot of gaps for me personally, and has helped me to ‘join some more dots’ relating to my own spiritual journey. The master canvass is not quite complete yet, but a clearer picture sure is emerging!

The photograph above was taken at Kariong in 2014, when I found myself there unexpectedly. The huge rainbow light arc that spans the photo was captured at the entrance to the main cave. Similar, remarkable rainbow images are featured in the conference presentation, which demonstrates in a viseral way, the otherworldly energy the site is imbued with.

My experience at Kariong that day in 2014 was pretty extraordinary, and it aligns perfectly with the information about the site presented by Auntie Minnie and the other presenters.

I wrote an article at the time, about how impacted I was by the experience.

The Egyptians in Australia  by  Lia Scallon

And then there’s the Gympie connection…

In 2013, the year before my unexpected visit to Kariong, by way of a series of complex weavings related to the Australian Crystal Skull I mentioned in my last newsletter, I found myself at the Gympie Pyramid, The information surrounding this visit is sacred not just to me but to others, so I feel now is not the time or the place to go into it in more depth.

Suffice it to say that my experience convinced me that, like Kariong, the Gympie pyramid is an ancient site of great historical and spiritual significance. To discover years later,  that these two sites I was drawn to, for seemingly unrelated reasons, are intimately linked by their common Egyptian connections, is pretty mind blowing. The fact that both sites also appear to be linked to the December 21st Uluru event just compounds that feeling of awe, and the sense that there really is something of huge significance going on here.

The photo below of me holding The Australian Crystal Skull at the Gympie Pyramid, has had a photo app applied. Nonetheless, I think it demonstrates the powerful energy field present at the Gympie Pyramid site.

Five Major Songlines

There are five main Songlines that emanate from Uluru.

Songlines are navigational tracks. In some parts of the world they are known as leylines. The Chinese call them Dragon lines. The Aboriginal elders and the trained Indigenous  keepers of the Songlines will sing the landscape, and therefore be able to move from location to location through it, and teach each other. At each sacred site within that sung track, they perform rituals.

For those of you living in Australia, Auntie Minnie suggests that If you are unable to be at Uluru itself on December 21st, you get yourself close to one of these major Songlines if possible. This will be the most powerful way to connect with the Uluru ceremony. She herself plans to be at Mount Beerwah in South Queensland, where the Aboriginal Father Spirit Baiame lives at the top of the mountain. Because energy travels  instantaneously through the Songlines, she says that whatever happens at Uluru  will be felt at Mt Beerwah within seconds. She has invited anyone who lives close to that area to join her group. (She gives details of where she will be during her conference presentation.)

Information about all of the other main Songlines was not clearcut but hopefully, I’ll be able to clarify that for you in the weeks ahead. So far, the ones I am aware of are:

1) Kariong
2) Mt Beerwah  –  The Gympie Pyramid is only 1.5hrs away
3) The Standing Stone site in NSW

As soon as I have more detailed information about all 5 major Songlines, I shall share that with you.

Artwork: ‘Kungkarrangkalpa’ by Judith Yinyika Chambers

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