Gallery: Starting with: ‘I Accept’

Starting with “I Accept”

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In the Universal Law of Give and Receive is a mantra that keeps expanding for me.

I’ll use if for awhile, receive insights, and come back to it again and again for deeper understanding of 5th dimensional growth patterns about managing change.

I have to say the mantra is a great one for right Now:

I receive, I allow, I accept, I give, I Am Gratitude

A few years ago the “I give” part changed for me to “I forgive” and I spent a great deal of time looking at my past, forgiving everything. . .

The Mother told me in a reading with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love, that She Forgives Everything, that it is impossible for Her to judge anything.

Also, at this time, we have the Universal Law of Karmic Dispensation — a gift of new beginnings — to help us understand forgiveness of everything. In the link above there is a meditation where we go to the Karmic Board.

But often, forgiveness is a huge leap of trust; as humans we tend to hold onto the past, those old resentments saying, “There’s no way I can forgive.”

The mantra above connected to the Law of Give and Receive helps us to come to a place of acceptance first. Acceptance is a gentle way to view the past; it is kind and feels so peaceful.

Accepting everything just the way it is with no judgement is observing the past with kindness and gentleness, the way the Mother does, Love for self, others, situations.

I’ve been saying, “I Am Acceptance” around deep sorrow, and pain is magically lifting, even physical pain.

Also, “I Am Enough” and “I Am Approved Of.” It’s getting easier to be aware of that feeling of “I’m not good enough” and “I’m a disappointment.”

My shoulder blade started hurting a week ago and then it moved to my shoulder, under and down my arm.

I like to ask pain what its message is — “How is this connected to the past?” — and the message of this pain has been one of acceptance. Jesus has been helping me.

Can I accept the past just the way it is?

My answer is, “Yes.”

Simple and kind, gentle Love for self.

As within and so without, Love within and Love without.

I receive, I allow, I accept,

I give this gentle Love to self,

and I Am Gratitude



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