Gallery: Uluru Activation Ceremony 21.12.20



Uluru Activation Ceremony ~ December 21, 2020

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Blossom’s channeling today inspired me to find out more about what’s happening down under on the Summer Solstice (Winter for we of the Northern Hemisphere).  The following video offers information about it and encourages the people of Earth to join together to bring this ancient plan to fruition.  It seems to be especially vital that the beautiful people of Australia participate in order to bring a certain number in, tipping the scales over  in favor of Ascension.

The date of this activation is still months away so this is just a heads-up, but as we get closer, the GAoG will be coordinating a synchronized event within our own global community, complete with adjusted times in a variety of zones.

The celestial alignment for this collective activation will be specifically at 9:02 pm on December 21, 2020 at Uluru in the Northern Territory of Australia.  The message to All is this ~

Do not buy into the fear being directed at us in our current matrix.  My downloads continually say, “Stay calm, stay faithful.  You will be rewarded.  You will choose your world.  The Light has won.”

We must hold the flame within and collectively activate Uluru on the 21~12~2020 at 9:02 pm…the birthing of the New Earth.

All Hearts on Uluru

“Steven and Evan Strong share the wisdom of our Aboriginal Elders and their knowledge around the most important date ever prophesied. Monday 21-12-2020 at exactly 9.02pm – Summer Solstice. Australian Time. Steven and Evan will be running events up until that date to assist people in understanding the importance and significance of the ULURU Pleiadian – Seven Sisters – Activation – that will give birth to The New Earth and the Rising again of Lemuria.”

For more information ~


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