Gallery: How we understand Rainbow Currency

Understanding our Rainbow Currency

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From red root to purple crown, Canadian money is the colour of our chakras

In 2012, Sanat Kumara, our Universal Logos and Keeper of Universal Law, mentioned “rainbow currency” to me in a personal reading with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love.

Back then, I assumed that SK was speaking literally — that “rainbow currency” was money.

In my study of how things work in the higher realms, I see now that he may have been alluding to “currency” as our expanding and increasing vibrations and frequency.

An example of “higher dimensional currency” is the provincial health officer for British Columbia, Canada, Dr. Bonnie Henry.

For the Covid-19 pandemic she created a motto:

“Be kind, be calm and be safe.”

This advice helped her to win the 2020 Canadian Public Relations Society President’s (CPRS) Award for Outstanding Public Relations and Communications Management.

In 2013, when the Divine Blessings and Virtues were taught on Heavenly Blessings Radio Show, it was explained that each blessing and virtue is a colour and/or ray, a vibration and frequency — “rainbow currency.”

With each radio show our understanding of these Divine Qualities grew:

compassion, humility, fortitude, awe, joy, prudence, charity, purity, truth, hope, beauty, wisdom, and grace

The Mother, the Mighty Ones, Ascended Masters and Saints channeled through Linda Dillon for the Council of Love, so we began to see the BALANCE of each of them, the Mother’s Blessings and the Virtues of the Father.

How we treat our selves and others is our “rainbow currency.”

Reaching within, calmly sitting still, simply being kind to self,
and then reaching out, being kind to others,
lifts us up into the higher realms,
creates our Ascension.



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