Gallery: Magenta Pixie on Protests and the Sirian StarGate

Magenta Pixie on Protests and the Sirian Stargate

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August 10, 2020, FaceBook post by Petra Pixie McGuire

So, BLM was a smokescreen cover superimposed upon the timeline to prevent the original protests that were seen in looking glass tech in the hope that BLM would STOP the original protests, marches & gatherings from ever taking place.

For a while I thought this *might* have been successful, but I am seeing clearly that it has not worked. The organic timeline has reverted back into it’s original configuration and the real protests, marches and gatherings are now very strong in the timeline for 2020.

So what are these? They are for the children. Our precious children. The time of harvesting our innocent babies for the darkest most nefarious inverted acts is now done.

The seed has been planted at the point of the 8/8/4 Lions Gate where critical mass for awakening, awareness and truth was reached. On 13th August the Sirian Stargate opens over Egypt signalling the end of the dark harvest and the beginning of the New Dawn.


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