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Centering in Flow of Impermanence – Lord Buddha

Dear fellow brothers and sisters, on earth
here there is flow of impermanence. Everything is in its constant movement: weather, wind, river, trees, animals, and men.

Everything changes every state within each being never stays the same. OM OM SO HUM Let us sit and connect together and link our awareness to mother earth. Let us center our thoughts into hers and the universe’s mind. You see, dear ones everything changes and moves. Even though we are sitting still there is movement within every breathe Every exhale and inhale Every shadow that have been cast Everything vibrates, everything moves even our mind. To find peace within the mind is to let go of the need to hold on to permanency. Bring down the mind into the heart Be aware of every surroundings in our space of stillness. You will find the subtle force. Centering yourself. Stillness in flow of constant change. Iinvite you to accept the impermanency of life. Connect yourself to earth and the universe. Know that earth is your home you are well supported and that everything is alright. You will discover that all you ever need for yourself is to LOVE yourself and all you ever need to be in this world is Joy.

Life story of Buddha is a divine reflection of what we all can become. A human being who lived life in balance and accepted the flow of impermanence. From living extreme life styles, he discovered the middle path and returned to life of balance, simplicity and BE in joy and one with Earth, Universe and its cycle.

This image depicts a flow of codes flushing down and transmitting out into the surrounding, two eyes are closed and only the third eye is open with its awareness expands and extends like lotus flower in all directions. Stillness in movement. The conch shell symbolises power of creation. Your mind creates and manifests at all time. By allowing your mind to have peace and become still yet aware of all the surrounding. Flow of creations comes through and everything is just is, according to its own universal laws.

Lord Buddha invites you to slow down your pace and notice your own rhythm. Daily routines and responsibilities sometime throw you out from your center. Make quiet time to be with yourself, meditate, and return to mother earth’s rhythm so that she can rejuvenate you.

This image also brings you the HUM of earth. OM and OM SO HUM chants vibrate one’s state into the grand universal mind. Experiment chanting and feeling its vibrations within your vessel. Be one with all. Remove yourself from attachments, dramas and chaos within your mind, make peace with your thoughts and project your mind into your heart. Then become aware of the connections which you share with earth, the universe, and all sentien beings.

Messages: Accepting the flow of impermanence. BE in the NOW. Meditate. Make quiet space and time to yourself. Make a relaxing space whether it be inside your home or out in nature. Meditate and reconnect with the subtle energy within and all around. OM and OM SO HUM chant. Let this chant vibrates through your vessel and feel how it aligns yourself with your heart, mother earth, and universe.

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