Edgar Cayce’s readings mentioned the radiant golden-orange star Arcturus over 30 times and regarded it as the “stargate”—an entranceway to other parts of the universe or to other realms of consciousness: 827-1 “Arcturus, the wonderful, the beautiful! As the bright and glorious light…” 5259-1: “And Arcturus! For the entity has gone out and returned purposefully.”

Edgar Cayce said he (his entity) originated on Arcturus. Arcturus is one of the most advanced civilizations in our entire galaxy. In The Book of Knowledge: `The Keys of Enoch’ on page 54, we read: “And if we examine the Book of Genesis involving the seven days of creation, we see that the six fields of light come together so that on the seventh day, the transmutation can be added to the physical chemistry of life. Therefore, on the seventh aeon of Light, the races which were evolved during the first six aeons of time are superseded by the Seventh Ray, which is the planting of our Adamic household of Kimah (the Pleiades) and Kesil (Orion) intelligence on the planet as a witness to the evolving nations.” (see Job 38:31)

Arcturus is our local Mid Way station which contains our genealogical records and judicial decisions for all levels of intelligence within the local universe. Arcturus is known as the Good Shepherd, shepherding the focus of Knowledge. Arcturus is the key to uniting our 3rd dimensional universe with 5th dimensional to 9th dimensional universes. El conversion systems, composed of 10 pulsating pyramids of Light are said to transfer members of the Brotherhood of Light between systems. The mathematics of it are described in Key 2-0-1 of `Keys of Enoch’. Its beyond my current understanding to comment further. Suffice to say the Merkebah, vehicle of light is used by the Brotherhood of Light to travel the universes. This is described in Key 3-0-1. So the Merkebah can travel between one life system or galaxy to another galaxy or universe.

So what is the Merkebah? It can appear as the wheel within wheels as it did in the bible or it can be seen as a pure energy envelope of light associated with a master, or as an intra-terrestrial technology of light when it is called a vehicle of vehicles. It can take on any membrane or colour appearance to guide you into other experiences of creation. It creates and controls time translation to overlap between dimensions. We see the Merkebah as the 6 pointed Star of David and we can create this vehicle by our consciousness. In cases where a physical body is taken into a physical space vehicle, the vehicle intelligence places this light energy field around you and you are immediately projected inside the vehicle through a system they call transvirulence. They have the ability to materialize their consciousness thought-forms into any given level of technology they desire.

In the dream state I was taken into a huge vessel which had elevators going up to other levels like a gigantic hotel with a huge inner space going up many levels and hundreds of people of all ET types riding up the elevators and walking around the space, in all types of garments like something out of Star Wars, which is of course inspired by the Higher dimensions of creativity to prepare us for what is ahead of us.

Those who accept that the Higher Intelligence working with YHWH (God) can come into you and use you as a Light unto your fellow man. When you have balanced yourself, your field, and have removed yourself form the negative particles of the anti-universe, when you experience the Body of Light consciousness you will communicate with the Lords of Light through Merkebah.

In our time of consciousness translation, Merkebah will throw its 12 spiral radiations of pyramidal light energy upon the face of the earth. At that time there shall be a great uplifting by wings of fire into the crystal throne of of our regenesis. This is the Astrophysical Messiahship of Israel who wears the face of the Lion-Sphinx. This is our birthright our inheritance.

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