Gallery: David Wilcox and Dannion Brinkley Disclosure video transcription (part only)

David Wilcock and Dannion Brinkley video: Prophecies Fulfilled! 6-21-20 Part 1 by Kat

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It’s time for the truth about who we are and what has actually been going on.

It’s time for the official Disclosure of ‘Galactics, Extraterrestrials or Star People,’ however you wish to call Beings from other civilizations in the Multiverse who have ALWAYS lived and worked alongside Humanity and influenced what happens on Earth.

It’s time for the reveal of Space, Time and Multi-dimensional Travel, which has been going on forever without our knowing about it.

It’s time for big changes and upgrades on Gaia that will immediately improve all life and that is what (I pray) is being organized right now under the cover of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Lord knows it’s time. Some would say (me) long past time.

In past videos, David Wilcock suggested that some of the following changes are coming to Gaia:

The rewiring of the internet and spyware removed. Banks will have been revamped and will operate under a Quantum Financial System, an off-planet technology that cannot be hacked. There is to be a Financial and Economic Reset via a Revaluation of Currencies and a Global Currency Reset.

As well, a global debt jubilee via GESARA [Global Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act,] and the release of a tsunami of abundance for all. Along with the implementation of GESARA will be the release of 6000 patents of miraculous technologies that will clean and heal Gaia, her Kingdoms and Humanity. (1.)

Technologies, according to Mike Quinsey, that have been hidden from Humanity for more than a hundred years.

We shouldn’t have “incurable” diseases, old age, death, poisons, atomic bombs, drugs that kill the Earth, Kingdoms and Humanity, nuclear power plants that leak radiation into the ocean, dirty energy that destroys all life, etc.

Humanity doesn’t have to be sick and aging—according to Paramahansa Yogananda we are Youth, Health, Strength, Immortal. Gaia should be healthy, lush, sparkling and pristine. This is possible right this minute with the implementation of GESARA.

In this video, David Wilcock suggests that Disclosure and wondrous technologies are coming very soon. He points out that President Trump started telegraphing the reveal during his speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January 21, 2020. (2.)

According to Wilcock, at the official end of the Covid-19 lockdown, 8-hours of information has been prepared to be continuously broadcast to the entire planet on all screens.

The information will reveal the truth about who we are, where we come from and what’s really been happening behind the illusion perpetrated by corrupt governments, their propaganda MSM, and whoever else has been controlling this planet that has kept Gaia, her Kingdoms and Humanity enslaved for millennia.

It is more than likely that many of the revelations contained in the 8-hour presentations will be nearly impossible to fathom and agonizing to learn but I have faith that the Truth will set us free.

Once we hear it, grapple with it, understand it and release it, we can move into a beautiful New Age unencumbered by nightmares and the perpetrators of those nightmares.

It is wonderful that Q-Anon has released the truth bit by bit, either directly or in code, but as far as I’m concerned? Let’s have the entire truth already.

I pray Alliance ducks are in a row so we can finally learn what has actually been going on here. Let ‘er rip. Bring it on. There has never been a more optimum time for the Truth than with most people still at home affording us the time to comprehend it.

This video is a fascinating 4-hour discussion between David Wilcock and Dannion Brinkley. There is nothing I enjoy more than two people who know a lot chatting easily and telling fascinating stories about their experiences and the facts/truth behind the veil/false matrix.

I’ve transcribed as much as I can for today. Will get back to it tomorrow. I hope others find it as interesting as I did.

With blessings of Peace, Health, Happiness and Abundance unceasing – We are Goddess, Sovereign, Free.

xo, Kat


David Wilcock and Dannion Brinkley video: Prophecies Fulfilled! 6-21-20 Part 1
Transcribed by Kat

2:20 David Wilcock: Dannion Brinkley… the world’s preeminent near death experiencer… has died 4 times in the most horrific ways only to come back… to do it all over again… (laughter) (3.)

As we speak “Disclosure is breaking wide open”… POTUS, in a Father’s day interview with his son Don Jr., saying he’s hearing “interesting things about Roswell [the city in New Mexico known for its proximity to the most famous UFO event] but he’s not sharing even with his eldest child…” Trump said “I won’t talk to you about what I know about it, but it’s very interesting.” June 18, 2020

4:50 When POTUS was asked what the heck is going on with Roswell? POTUS said, “I WON’T talk to you about what I know about it…” which clearly indicates he is under some non-disclosure National Security thing… “but it is VERY interesting!” Isn’t that something right there?

5:17 Dannion Brinkley: By the time the conversation, David, gets to this point, there is so much MORE that either Don Jr. is hearing or all of us are hearing… and if you’re in this house (David Wilcock’s home) you hear some of the most amazing, almost impossible thought patterns going on as regular conversations.

5:38 I think it becomes really important that we push this issue, we push for Disclosure now.

I know from working with the government that until the President says it you cannot talk about it. No matter what it is you cannot talk about it. But NOW that he’s talked about it we can push that issue.

I think it becomes important in a Presidential election year that each of us look at who our representatives are and force this issue. If this stuff is half as true as the stuff I hear in this house—everything that we think we know is NOT real.

And what is real is an enormous amount of space travel and inner-active, inner-dimensional travel. Even to the thing I heard the other day about Time Travel.

6:40 So we have an opportunity everybody, with where the world is and how fast we are changing, we have an opportunity because the President mentioned it, that we can push it into an election campaign strategy to get more Disclosure.

Don’t hesitate to get information to your Senator or Congressman, I won’t use the term ‘demanding’ but really asking for more information because once he (POTUS) said it, it’s public.

7:10 David: You and I are launching this class called PATH OF LIGHT… one of the things that we’re debuting for the first time is that you have an interesting background in the Intelligence Community… you shared this with me about 7 years ago… I don’t know what you’re comfortable saying on a Youtube video… we can probably say more while we’re doing the class cuz it’s not public… but one of the things I remember you telling me a long time ago is regarding the subject of Roswell and crashes like that…

What was your personal experience as a contractor for multiple Intelligence Agencies in very classified situations… What was your experience with the overall knowledge or lack thereof of Roswell and things like that? (4.)

8:00 Dannion: There is absolutely no doubt that Roswell happened… and it’s general knowledge amongst the Intelligence Communities that I operated in from the ‘70’s, ‘80’s, ‘90’s and early 2000’s… it is general knowledge that we have been reverse-engineering this technology… NO QUESTION ABOUT IT… (We have 19 Intelligence Agencies)…

9:09 Dannion: In the course of, and for once in my life, looking for an LZ (landing zone, a drop zone) I came across information… when you look at everything that’s happening in a drop zone or LZ… I saw a piece of graphic at the Reconnaissance Information, that they had sighted an object that could make a 90 degree turn above 40,000 miles an hour… (saw in the mid ‘90’s)

David: NOTHING can make a 90 degree turn… that’s insanity… you’d totally rip apart everybody inside…

10:15 Dannion: Unless the craft was designed that way… and knowing that it was not one of our craft but because I needed that information so nothing went wrong, I got access to it…

10:30 David: In one of our interviews we have that story… (Dannion: And it’s a TRUE story) You came into contact with a radar trace…

Dannion: A radar tracking… a satellite… in National Reconnaissance Agency in Chantilly, VA…

10:45 David: So NRO – that’s one of the most interesting Intelligence Agencies once you really get your hands dirty here… (Dannion: There are NO SECRETS)… If you listen to NRO and you listen to intel from NRO you’re on the right track… that and the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) lets you know you’re on the right track… You got a big old Security upgrade yesterday so we probably can’t even talk about anything anymore…

11:25 Dannion: Well, in private… I see nothing wrong with telling people, David… I don’t care. I have nothing to lose…

11:30 David: The fact that you just got this solicitation and you got your Security Clearance heavily upgraded just 2-days ago (Dannion: Counter-Intelligence?) suggests that they’re getting ready to leak something through you to us which I’m hoping will happen.

11:45 Dannion: It gives me greater access… this is a Security Clearance I’ve held for 48-years… they Emailed me at 11 o’clock at night and then at 5 a.m. I had to be on the phone (for his Security upgrade 2-days ago.)

12:04 But this is what’s happening and this is why it’s so important… the programming… When we look at prophecy, from my point of view, we’re now at a juncture everybody, and it is so very very important that we get a grip on who we really are… what we’re really doing here… so we don’t fall for all the traps that’s occurring…

All the people that do Politics, I grew up in Politics, we know that NOTHING THAT YOU SEE IS REAL AND NO STORY THAT YOU HEAR IS REAL, because it’s a Presidential election and there is a war for one side to beat the other side…

Both sides play by a set of rule-books, and we know who the creator was of the great political action committees, which was Lee Atwater (He’s from South Carolina, I’ve known him since we were kids) but when you start to look at it there’s nothing true or real it’s all made-upit’s all going to be made up based on which party has to win or lose…

13:20 EXCEPT THIS CONVERSATION BETWEEN DON JR. AND HIS DAD… it might have been flippant… but if it was put on the campaign by direction of the President… that should make you stop in your tracks and realize it was brought into public purvey by the campaign…

13:44 David: I want to circle back on this one thing… you just dropped an absolute bombshell… Dannion Brinkley you’ve been very famous since 1993… you’ve been on Oprah 5-times, you’ve sold 22/23 million books, you were always at these conferences with me… we met each other and got to know each other by speaking live in front of audiences on panels together… we’ve known each other for 20 years now…

Nobody’s ever heard you say before that you were in the Intelligence Community… nobody’s ever heard you say before that everybody from the mid-levels on up knows [in the Intelligence Agencies] that we have already reverse-engineered Extraterrestrial-technology…

Dannion: And who killed Kennedy.

14:22 David: I don’t know if you’d want to say that… it’s LBJ, we all know it’s LBJ…

14:35 Dannion: I’d also like to say this too, David… I was driving with Kathryn, coming out of our home in Nevada… and she said STOP! And I stopped and she said, What is that?… and it was a light… I said, oh it’s just a light from the hills… she said there are no hills around here… so on my phone I have a Mother Ship and 5 small ships not 200 yards away… so I have videos of it…

15:05 So now, from my non-UFO viewpoint… and being around you and having this identifiable… it only reinforces the fact that… this Ascension and the information that’s being given us and being fed out is even more important than ever… and that’s why I wanted to come together and create a program where I could just tell people the rest of the story… as opposed to just being the dead guy (who comes back from death-experiences.)

15:50 David: …If we knew in the mid-1990’s… and that everybody in the Intelligence Communities knew that we had reverse-technology… wouldn’t it stand to reason… that they have at least done some degree of build-out on places like the Moon and Mars…

16:35 Dannion: I would have no doubt about it… look at from a vacuum tube to a transistor… and you look at the information… how did we go from vacuum tubes to transistors and all of a sudden it happened after 1947 (the Roswell crash…) because once everybody knows these stories… I heard it from old-timers… when I was first coming into employment…

These old guys would sit around and talk about blue green men… little different colors and shapes… I heard a couple of conversations David about a guy meeting or seeing 2 or 3 different types of Extraterrestrials or Interdimensional beings… but those conversations weren’t important to me…

17:50 David: It’s interesting at the time Trump was scoffing at it… but it seemed like it was a political necessity so he wouldn’t get attacked… but now he can say it… This interview with Trump and Trump Jr. literally just came out on Fox 2 days ago (June 19, 2020)

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