Gallery: How will we react?

How Will We React?

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Our sources have suggested to us that a huge show is underway, which we’ll be informed of as the next step in the process.

The pace will almost seem too rapid as the mainstream media begins to report the truth.  We’ll feel like we were on an emotional rollercoaster, they say. (1)

We’ll hear much that will upset us. But “the denser energies must be exposed for what they are in order to be recognized and acknowledged.” (2)

Let’s think about that for a moment. If we were talking about an individual, we’d say that we’re about to learn things about them that have remained unknown until now and may shock and upset us.

And then we found out that the person was a pedophile and what that explicitly meant in today’s context. Or that he or she was into adrenochrome production and child sacrifice.

How will we react?

Well, now we’re about to hear that news at a social level. Our society has hosted a network of child-torturers and killers that will shock us to hear about. Celebrities will be charged; politicians, religious leaders, judges, etc.

How will we react?

To return to the individual level, we’d react as our body, senses, mind, emotions together impelled us. We call this “shock.” Once that wave had passed, we’d pause and assimilate what had just arisen.

After that, we’d make what we’d call a “considered” response.

But what about when it’s a society?

How will we respond when we find that the corruption was endemic and widespread and beyond distinctions. In short, it was everywhere and we did not know, did not bother to know, or left it to others.

Our self-serving bias will run riot. Added to the dissonance from seeing what happened on our watch will be the emergency fire crews trying to put out the fire. All will be chaos inside us, exactly at a time when we need to remain calm.

Hey, I’ve got vasanas. I’ll be rushing around too, trying to discover what I need to do when all around me are losing their heads, as I am. Or am about to do.

Life will become very basic when that time arrives.  I can hazard a guess at what I’ll find.

There’ll come a time when I (I can’t speak for others) will find I need to make a choice between love and everything else.

I will choose love. But just thinking of that time brings on the experience of love.

I make that choice now and avoid the rush later.


(1)  “Jennifer Crokaert ~ Commander Ashian: The Second Wave,” May 14, 2020, at

“Such turmoil, havoc and confusion. Such media hype taking you this way and that. Such obvious misunderstanding from so many and you feel there is no way for you to get through to them.

“ALL OF THIS we have spoken to you about. All these things we have said will be ‘in your face’ and much discernment will be needed. …

“There is so much going on right beneath your noses and yet, it is still kept under wraps. That which is taking place is releasing from … that which is/has been … and all such knowledgeable atrocities are being cracked open.” (The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, April 18, 2020, at

“In order for change to take place … many things must come to a halt as opposed to a ‘ticking over.’

“Much disruption must be endured by everyone on many, many levels, due to the need and necessary adjustments to take their place in this Game.

“Yes. It will get much more serious. Yet, the ‘illness’ will subside, yet, not be forgotten in the ‘Once upon a time’ story.” (“Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, March 21, 2020,” March 21, 2020, at

“The entirety of the situation that is presenting itself NOW is to become much deeper and severely more intense. …

“Because you are in a situation that cannot be … brushed over/ brushed under … the carpet. The changeover has begun and it is not going to eventually all disappear and return to normal.

“That which you knew as normal shall never return. It cannot.”  (“The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild,” June 14, 2020, at

(2) The Arcturian Group in “Reassurance for Those Who Feel Disturbed by the Cabal’s Plan,” May 25, 2020, at




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