Gallery: Time to Wake Up to how we’re being Manipulated

Time to Wake Up to How We’re Being Manipulated

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If we were to graphically cover the outbreak of racial division and violence across the U.S., my fear is that we’re simply playing into the cabal’s hands and following their playbook.

Youtube is manifestly not taking down coverage of racial violence, only of people revealing its cabal sources.  If you want to follow coverage of “racial” violence, Youtube is there to serve you.

One website is claiming that “over 80 percent of those arrested last night were not even from Minnesota, and that many of them had links to white supremacist organizations.” (1)

Certainly Umbrella Man, a white man, smashing windows at Autozone, is going calmly about his business with not a trace of racial animosity.  When confronted he makes a threat but then placidly walks on, I assume to break more windows elsewhere.

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So goodbye, pandemic. Hello a hoped-for civil war in America (ain’t gonna happen).

Remember how someone recently joked that our wearing masks should make it easier to rob a bank and flee the scene without being recognized? How about trashing a city?

It may turn out to be fortuitous in the end that we’re all in lockdown. If we remain inside and don’t join the protests, hopefully they’ll fizzle out sooner.

Then we’ll all have forgotten where we left off with the pandemic. The work of Drs. Mikovits, Buttar, Shiva, and everyone else may be undercut and, by many, forgotten. Certainly the momentum that was built up may be lost.

In the meantime, if we also use video to document the structure and process of this false flag as the gentleman above has done, perhaps many more around the world will wake up to how we’re being manipulated by false-flag operations like these.


(1) Robyn Pennacchia, “Something Is Definitely Up With All The White People Doing Vandalism At The George Floyd Protests,”, May 30, 2020, at

check this out:


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