Gallery: Reassurance for those who feel disturbed by the Cabel’s Plan

Reassurance for Those Who Feel Disturbed by the Cabal’s Plan

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Readers have written in and said that they were frightened to hear of the cabal’s plans for a world power grab.

No need to be frightened, even though the extent of the plan is staggering.

To establish the grounds for confidence, let me give the opinions of the Company of Heaven on the matter, using a question-and-answer format.

What are we looking for in the future?

The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild (afterwards FoL): That which is to come shall be THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH! (1)

What work is happening from your side?

Ashian: As you are aware, there is a great deal of work happening on ‘our side of the veil’, as preparations that have been a long time in the making are now being executed. (2)

So the round up is happening?

Ashian: It is very much happening, and it is not for much longer that this will be held in secret from all of humanity, for that is the next step. (3)

What more can you add to that?

Ashian: Soon events will move extremely rapidly, and for many it will seem as though events are too rapid. The mainstream media’s bias is about to fall away, and the outpouring of truths will then tumble forth like a series of tsunamis.

We do not wish to alarm anyone, but we do say that this will be an exceptionally intense period for all of humanity.

You, the awakened ones, will also have the additional role of balancing much of the negatively polarised energy that this second wave will release within the collective.

This second wave will be make it seem as though you are on an emotional rollercoaster – elated one minute, despairing the next. Take heart, our beloved brothers and sisters. Ask us to assist you. Remember we can. Remember that each one of you has a team working with you on this project. (4)

What should we prepared for?

The Arcturian Group through Marilyn Raffaele: Be prepared for change but also be prepared to hear things that will upset you. Much is going to surface regarding the long standing negative activities of some individuals. The denser energies must be exposed for what they are in order to be recognized and acknowledged. There is an element that feeds from energies of fear, pain, suffering, and discord and in order to keep feeding, they promote words, activities, and false information that will serve to keep fear and discord alive.

When you become aware of these types of issues, send these individuals Light while recognizing that they too are Divine Beings who have lost their way. They have chosen to close their hearts to Love energy and have no interest in or awareness of the fact that everything they sought is already fully present within them. …

It is easy to get caught up in this type of information and spend a great deal of time and energy studying and researching negative activities. You have all experienced the heaviness of dense energy that comes from getting too involved in these types of issues.

As awakened individuals you are ready to move beyond duality and separation and live from the higher levels of consciousness you have attained. Be aware of and informed about negative beliefs and actions, but then release them and align with Reality. (5)

When will humanity awaken?

Saul through John Smallman: We are approaching the completion or the end point of humanity’s awakening process! That probably does not appear to be the case from your perspective as the news media floods the airwaves and the internet with further misinformation about the worldwide pandemic, along with news of the ensuing dramas. (6)

What should we remember at this time?

Steve Rother and the Group: We ask that you resist pointing fingers or politicizing the problem at this point, which can only cause challenges grounding the new light. You’ll have plenty of time to decide about those things down the road when things are clearer. The most important part right now is to know that you’re all in this together, and the only way out is together. (7)

So are you saying the current virus is a hologram?

Xiaera through Jennifer Crokaert: That is one way of understanding it. You are on the ascension timeline, this cannot be altered, but it can be seeded with lower vibration thoughts which are taken from humanity, and then woven together to make a picture, an illusion projected that seems real, but is not. (8)

How do you see our planet at this time?

Xiaera: If you could see your planet in the way that we perceive it, energetically, you would see that the waves of darkness are, though they swirl all over your planet, finding fewer places to land, to connect and to feed off of lower-vibration energy.

Although it may seem that many people are the same as before, deep within them, their energy signatures are evolving rapidly and becoming more refined. The light is now outstripping the darkness for the first time on your planet in millennia. …

The ‘end’ of this process will be abrupt, a rupture, as if the hologram creating the current situation is ruptured. The true vision will spill out in different locations of the globe, as if a hologram is breaking down and cannot be sustained. It will fizzle and then disappear. (9)

We are so close now to so much. Aren’t we?


So, should we watch rabbit-hole adventures or just jump into the Rainbow?

FoL: Balance. Keep your balance … weigh up the feelings within you … if you are feeling too deep within the rabbit hole … slide down some rainbows for a time.

YOU ARE INTELLIGENT BEINGS. You do not need us to tell you these things. (10)

The game is on and who will win?

FoL: The game is on … and the Light has won. That which is taking place behind the scenes is far greater than even you think you know. (11)


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