Gallery: The Pause from TheMother’s Viewpoint

The Pause from the Mother’s Point of View: Not a Riptide, but a Gentle Tide

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Some folks are using the pandemic to depopulate the globe.

Some are using it to cover the arrest of the folks who are using it to depopulate the globe.

Some others are trying to make sense of the virus and offer the best treatment, at great personal risk.

Whatever our free-will situation, the Divine Mother takes it at this time of Ascension and turns it to the advantage of the Light.

In our present situation, the Divine Mother takes in hand the situation we find ourselves in – lockdown – to call “a Pause.” She hopes we’ll use it to reassess our life choices  and make transformational changes.

—–>>>> The changes we make within will manifest as the changes without in time, by the universal law of within and without. <<<<—–

She tells us here:

“The rebirth, the reset – the pause – is and has been absolutely necessary in order for people, human beings of all sorts, to truly decide what is in value, what is in integrity, what is in love. …

“There are turning points in the history of every planet and collective – and this is a turning point. And the gift in this pause – and I do not call it “virus”; I call it “the pause” – the gift is to pause long enough to truly decide, individually and collectively, how you wish to live, how you choose to live, and how you will choose to implement what you choose!

“It requires radical choice, radical restructuring, not as a riptide in my Infinite Ocean but in the gentle tides, the gentle currents, the currents of change.” (1)

Not revolution, but transformation. Not a riptide, but a gentle tide.

Maybe I can intrude for a minute and give my own point of view.

In my opinion, the transformation of our society fundamentally requires our shifting our vote from a “no” to continuing life on this planet as we know it to a “yes.”

Because the train, as matters stand now, is headed for disaster and only stopping the train and laying new track in another direction is going to avert it.

Readers of this blog don’t need me to do an overview of the situation facing humanity. I’d be worried if it wasn’t for … well, everyone arrayed against it.

The Mother called this a “turning point in history.”

Undoubtedly it is.

As boots on the ground, we know the planet is about to experience a change of management. And the former chapter in the Earth’s history is about to be closed.

Are we going to be ready for it? Are we going to be able to take advantage of this turning point in history?

The Mother is asking us to do our part in it by going inwards and questioning whether this life we have is the life we want. Because if we liberate our sense of what we want and want it, rather than putting up with deprivation or denial, it will manifest as the new normal, first inside and then outside. And – she adds – it’ll manifest gently.

This occurs by the universal law of within and without, which holds that what we create within manifests without. As we ascend gradually, successful use of the laws comes more and more within our reach.

It takes longer in a physical medium (3rd/4th Dimension) for something to manifest than it does in a spiritual medium (Fifth Dimension and higher). But it does manifest in the outer eventually. And it manifests quicker the higher we ascend.

So the Mother wants us to look again, during this Pause, and see whether we’ve got it right. Is the life we’re living the life we want to live? No? What will we do about it?

Now is the time. Transformation of the planet is possible as a result of the opportunity the pandemic – or the Mother’s Pause, however you choose to see it – provides to reclaim and rechoose our lives.

What beliefs do we need to let go of? What decisions do we need to rethink? What apologies made? What forgiveness asked?

The shift we make inside from feeling powerless to feeling powerful, from thinking there are no solutions to taking charge manifests as our reality in the outside world – with an interval due to the denseness of physicality.

This process is laying new track. This train is no longer headed for disaster.

“The ethical choices of your planet matter,” the Mother tells us, “and so things can no longer be slid under the rug.” (2) The truth must come out, though it’s having a prolonged and difficult birth.

And it’s not going to be pleasant when it does. Everything many people believed in is about to be brought into question. I predict national and international grief. Vasana (core issue) volcanoes will be going off.

The necessary adjustments to the truth will have to be made – and these are predominantly inward. The changes we make inward will then manifest in the outer world as the new normal.

We all want clean government, free healthcare, a safe childhood and old age, etc. Those are givens.

But what do we want for ourselves inwardly? The Mother asks us to examine this more than anything else in this time of external lockdown and self-observation (as seen from the awareness path).

In the article that follows, I’ll be looking at what other celestial and galactic sources say about the Pause.


(1) “Divine Mother ~ I Do Not Call It a ‘Virus,’ I Call It ‘the Pause,’”

(2) Loc. cit.



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