Gallery: Day to day 2


I had no sooner posted yesterday, than a good friend rang to say she’d read my post and how sorry she was. She said you must have been so hurt by what happened. I said, more shocked really, but in acknowledging I felt  the sadness of what has gone, In the 3rd Dimension, we were happy as children, close as a family, able to enjoy life have fun and laugh-that all went with the death of my mother. She would have been 100 years old last week, my brother reminded me. I am grieving for what has now gone forever. We seem to have lost our innocence.

We will create a future that is worthy of us, but it is now time to grieve the 3rd dimension is closed, gone forever, a new way forward must be found and we are ones who will forge it.   The message which is coming through is ‘Comfort my people’ .

i drew the card Galactic Giggle, card 27 in Remembering Love and Light Language by Nalinee Diosera.

HELLOoooooo I am Blue and very pleased to meet you. Well, this is not the first time we encounter one another. WE have met many times actually, more than just meeting, Hehehe we hang out together all the time! You are my brother, sister, family, friend, companion and many more.

I am filled with Joy in my heart, everytime we make a connection. My service is simply to remind you of your galactic connections, the love and excitement which we share. Close your eyes and welcome me into your presence. Remember; when we fly through space, swim through galaxies and galaxies, and even ride a comet. We share so much laugh and fun times. Haaruu Noo yaa Haaruu no yee No nu ya ree Tai ta wa ra ree Haruu na tai wa Haree na ru Wee na ya ra As well, I feel your joy and sadness. I share all your feelings. Know that I understand what you are going through cry if you need scream if it makes you feel lighter and end it with laughter! I know you miss “home” Dear friend, know that earth is your home on earth and in your body as well as this vast universe that we are in. You ARE home and I, we, your galactic family is with you.

Blue, one of the friendliest guide you can ever have, is eager for you to make conscious connection with him. He brings through joy, happiness, love, comfort, and gentleness – all qualities that a friend can have. He is here reminding us of the happiness we have when we fly through space in many forms. He is transmiting joy and the highest state of excitement of coming into earth; learning and conducting our services, and soul expansion opportunities. Blue is a blue being of Sirius. His DNA links to the Arcturains as well. He brings through codes of flush of water element. Water which contains memory of his planets. Tune into his codes in your meditation by calling upon him, or simply tune into them through his image. This brings forth your memory of galactic families and deepen your connection with your galactic selves. Moreover, when you connecting with him notice how he is “speaking” to you. He is sending balancing frequencies through your energy centers and aligning you with your light body. Messages: Here is a confirmation that you have deep connection with the stars and their being, particularly to Sirius and Acrturus star systems. You also have a very strong connection with water and the aquatic beings Time to be certain of your connection with your galactic selves and families. Hold on to joy whenever you feel “home sick”. Know that everywhere in this universe is your home. Notice the power of laughter and its healing vibrations. Remember the excitement in your heart. Joy and happiness and state of celebration of existence and to be connected with the family, family of souls and lights . Connect deeper to water element and its being. Send light every time you drink or bathe. Meditate near rivers or oceans. Call upon Blue in your meditation or before you sleep. Feel that excitement and joy in your heart for it is his as well.

I’ve been finding it helpful to breathe, In through the nose and out slowly through the mouth. This seems to stabilize the energy.




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