Gallery: Egypt- First Trip Day 8


On the Nile travelling from Edfu to Luxor through the locks. I swam through the locks in the pool which I thought was a cool thing to do. I wasn’t in the water the whole time because after waiting in the queue, boats began approaching.  Two small outboards with 3 people on board had attached themselves to us, along the way, by throwing a grappling hook and latched themselves to us while we were underway. At 18 knots that made for a dangerous ride. The crew were arguing with them and eventually detached them. It was quite exciting to see.

So when the boats approached, we weren’t sure what was happening when goods started to arrive on deck, 4 floors up. Traders were throwing things up for us to buy, mainly soft goods like rugs and towels,and clothes. If you wanted to buy, you put the money in the next parcel and then threw it back. Some of the goods landed in the water and were later seen drying on the banks,of the river.

When it was our turn, the ship only fitted with about half a metre either side, but some small boats, still managed to get into the lock in front of us. The water level in the lock dropped by 10 metres so the top deck was level with either side of the lock. When we excited the lock, they went through too. It was very exciting and colourful. I had the massage and only just got onto the bus going to the Jewellery Store. This resulted in me having a sugar hypo, which Pam, the pharmacist saw coming and told Haytham to get me a lemonade, so all was well thanks to them.

The  LuxorTemple was lit up at dusk and we were amongst many other visitors, so I did not see it at my best.

The Temple of Amon-Ra, King of the Gods, in Luxor which they called Southern Harem of Amon, was built by Amenhotep III begun in the 14th century and completed by Ramses II by the addition of the porticoed court with the axis shifted eastwards. Numerous other sovereigns added to it.

The Temple of Luxor was joined to that of Karnak by a long drongos or processional Avenue paved in stone and flanked by human headed sphinxes. Work is still ongoing on the avenue which ended at the Great Pylon built by Ramses II in Karnak. originally the Great Pylon was preceded by two obelisks, one of which is now in Paris..The two granite colossi are Ramses II seated on a throne. The other pink granite statues set against the Great Pylon are the Queen Nefertari, and on the right her daughter Merit Amon To the left of the obelisk is the head of Ramses II.

That night back on board was the Egyptian night on the Sonestra St George. We all dressed as Egyptians and celebrated the end of our cruise.


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