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The Mother Archetype

Channelled by Jennifer Starlight

Some call me Hathor, Isis, Mother
The human race was informed on two , duality – a third dimension and a spiritual bridge. As you call me I am inside your heart. Your soul and my consciousness emerge in the dream state. Your soul brought you here today. Whenever Mother is mentioned there will be a pain in your heart.

The Mother is the love before light was created. The moment before love, is reality. You are exhausted because the feminine force has not been flowing through you. The Mother holds that consciousness that all existence is created for. As you allow this feeling to flow through your bodies, to the 3rd eye, see your mother standing as a frail human being, witness your feeling.

Your society told you that she has to be perfect, that she had to self sacrifice, that she needed to be beyond reproach. Because she believed your society, she did it. Like you, she was conditioned to serve, to act in a particular way. When she found she was pregnant she was overjoyed. She saw the beautiful child, you triggered her confusion. You and your mother had a contract to heal each other. You, triggered such overwhelming love for you. Under your anger, your self righteousness, there is grief! When your mother first held you , you experienced overwhelming love, the birth of your heart chakra .

Gazing at the image of your mother’s body, see the image and pain drop away, and see Divine Mother. She is the eternal radiant love, she is love, let her rest in your heart chakra. Do not conTinue with the program, she did the best she could, drop all the conditioning and see her as Infinite Love. The emptiness outside, is there inside of you. If you are repressing the feminine you are dying. Without the feminine there is no life. Take the Mother down from the pedestal, her love will destroy places of contamination on your planet!

Your basic survival needs are almost none. Let the Mother replenish your body and love. You will return tenderness and love to your planet.

To birth the feminine, sit in your heart space and give yourself love, understanding and trust, as you wish your mother did. Your mother is the stillness. Your father is the light and sound.

Channeling Min
Feeling is reality, truth guidance. I, Min come forward, assisting you with your emotional bodies. We are seeing the most innocent children.

Misunderstanding creates misalignment, creates the wound. Society has such fear of mother swallows her emotional child, sees it as cutting off. Everybody in your life is there as a healer.

As a little boy in a polarity, with a single mother parent, you felt you had to stand up for your mother. Can you see, you have something in common, when you realize she is your greatest healer.

All your wounding comes from your belief system, understanding replaces misinformation. Truth sets you’re free. Choose to believe the feelings in your heart.

How to open to Divine Mother and Divine Father
Suffering brings you into surrender. Surrender to a far greater feeling of LOVE. Feel the will of your Divine Soul.It takes courage to create the burning feeling and desire for your connecztion with your heart. Courage is love demanding expression.

It is not that you or your mother have done anything wrong. Acknowledge your anger and resentment of your elderly mother. Weakness in relating to your father, or anything that didn’t fit the stereotype: Men ruled the world was her belief. Transform sorrow to compassion.
Parents want to see their children’s happiness. No-one can make you happy. You resent your are not able to feel the love for your mother.

Pain in the body
At conception, there is an electromagnetic force-field, the meridian body. It depends on the state of the Mother at conception. You Mother was in great trauma at the time of conception. You came into life to take the trauma into your body. Many men who have high pain tolerance choose to come in to transfer the pain of the feminine through their body. You have been polarised by the feminine pain. Now you have understanding, you now have feeling. Breathe into each feeling, allow it to heal.

Wounds in children
Misunderstanding. You have pain around your children. God bless men: they are the greatest healers of women
Women have two archetypal roles:
Mother Mary – pure self sacrifice
Mary Magdelene – the Whore
Women no longer fit either of these roles. The feminine force has not been allowed to be birthed. You have confused children
Male roles lead to fight/flight. War, conflict action. When things calm down, the feminine role is in not taking blame or shame, but to speak from the heart.

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